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Sitcoms are about following characters in their everyday lives. From watching them struggle at work to dealing with family issues at home, everyone has a sitcom they can relate to. Conflict is never lacking and when it does, sitcoms tend to rely on popular episode themes like the birthday episode.

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The theme has been around since the dawn of the genre, with even I love lucy broadcast a birthday episode once or twice. The best part about the birthday sitcom episode is that no two episodes are the same. From disastrous surprise birthdays to hilarious adult birthdays, there is no shortage of laughter and conflict.

ten The Goldbergs: “You’re Not Invited” (Season 1, Episode 20) – 8.1

Adam Goldberg in the basement with his friends alone in The Golbbergs

ABC’s hit sitcom The Goldbergs set the bar high when he aired a hilarious and memorable birthday episode in the show’s first season. While Adam plans to spend his birthday playing laser tag with his friends, his older brother Barry convinces him to throw a secret make-up party so he can finally kiss his crush.

“You’re Not Invited” taps into hilarious and awkward teenage birthday traditions, especially as Adam’s mom tries to interrupt the party to keep it from happening.

9 The Office: “Michael’s Birthday” (Season 2, Episode 19) – 8.1

Michael in hockey gear on an ice rink in The Office

While Office aired a handful of anniversary episodes, one of the most hilarious and underrated yet Office episodes is Season 2‘s “Michael’s Birthday”. Unlike most adults, Michael Scott is overjoyed to celebrate his birthday, but his coworkers are concerned about the health of another coworker. To cheer up everyone and celebrate his birthday, Michael takes everyone to an ice rink where chaos ensues.

“Michael’s Birthday” is not only a fun birthday-themed episode, but it’s also one of the few times Office left the actual office space during an episode. The stages at the ice rink bring all the chaos and make fans laugh Office had come to wait.


8 The Middle: “Floating 50” (season 7, episode 13) – 8.2

The Hecks surprises Frankie on facetime with a party in The Middle

The Heck family had a record of terrible birthdays, often forgetting them all together, leaving family members to scramble to invent the birthday child. However, Mike was determined to celebrate Frankie’s 50th birthday by throwing him a surprise party. Unfortunately, Mike forgets to name someone in charge of Frankie and she ends up locking herself in Sue’s college dorm.

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“Floating 50” is a hilarious episode of The middle who sees the Hecks trying to break their bad luck, only to have their bad luck take new forms. It’s also a great birthday episode with an important moral message: make sure someone is looking after the birthday party.

seven New Girl: “Birthday” (season 3, episode 13) – 8.4

Nick and Jess at the movies for their birthday in New Girl

Not everyone likes to celebrate their birthday and surprisingly New girl‘s Jess falls into this category: she often spends her birthday alone. Wanting to make his day special now that they’re together, Nick throws a surprise party for Jess after a disastrous day.

“Birthday” shows the pros and cons of throwing a surprise party, but what makes this episode great is the effort Nick puts in to make sure Jess has a good day. This is one of the best and most memorable romantic gestures Nick next to him proposing to Jess.

6 Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “The Party” (Season 1, Episode 16) – 8.5

Jake covering Amy's face with a towel, Holt holding cheddar in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn nine-nine wasted no time getting into the birthday spirit in its first season. “The Party” centers on the team invited to Captain Holt’s birthday party at his home. Fearing that his coworkers might not know how to behave at an “adult party”, Terry gives them a crash course in party etiquette that ends up backfiring on him.

“The Party” highlights the anxieties of being an adult who is invited to a boss’s house to celebrate an occasion. It’s hilarious and chaotic and also features Cheddar, the beloved corgi, making it a memorable episode of the series.

5 Parks and Recreation: “The Master Plan” (Season 2, Episode 23) – 8.6

April doesn't look impressed after opening her birthday present at parks and recreation

In the United States, turning 21 is one of the biggest birthdays of all time, and it’s also the last “fun”. However, the 21st anniversary of April is largely overlooked in Parks and recreation because it coincides with the government being audited. Yet April is set to throw an epic Snakehole Lounge party that turns chaotic when jealousy begins to soar.

While April’s birthday might not be the focus of this episode, it’s still considered a birthday-themed episode. While the episode teaches audiences how to deal with birthday expectations, it is also one of the more romantic episodes in the series with the characters breaking up and meeting new love interests left and right.

4 Friends: “The One Where They Are All Thirty” (Season 7, Episode 14) – 8.6

Friends celebrating Rachel's 30th birthday in Friends

Friends has dozens of classic episodes, but one of the best remains “The One Where They Are All Thirty” from Season 7. As the main plot revolves around Rachel’s 30th birthday, the episode features flashbacks to the way each of the other friends celebrated the big 3-0.

Whether it’s drunkenness over getting older or not even realizing it’s their 30th birthday, the episode is the perfect embodiment of what it feels like to be 30 years old for many. people. After all, the collapse of Rachel’s life plan is something everyone has experienced at least once in their life.

3 Modern Family: “Fizbo” (Season 1, Episode 9) – 8.7

Cam dressed as Fizbo holding a cake in Modern Family

Having been on the air for 11 seasons, it’s no surprise that Modern family aired its fair share of birthday-themed episodes. However, they were never able to surpass the comedy genius born out of the Season 1 anniversary episode “Fizbo”. While the Dunphys are determined to throw an epic birthday party for Luke, Cam takes matters into their own hands and throws the party as Clown Fizbo.

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Not only is the episode hilarious, but it’s also the first appearance of Cam’s Fizbo’s costume, a gag that has consistently made appearances over the past few seasons. As the party ends in disaster, it’s a nice reminder that sometimes all that matters is being surrounded by people who love and care about you.

2 Schitt’s Creek: “Grad Night” (Season 3, Episode 13) – 9.0

Patrick and Stevie sitting across from David at Café Tropical in Schitt's Creek

“Grad Night” is one of the best episodes of Alexis Schitt stream, but it also serves as a heartfelt and memorable birthday episode. The Rose family have a lot to do, so much so that they forgot David’s birthday. As David considers sulking in peace, he’s forced to go to dinner with Patrick, which turns out to be a date he didn’t really know he needed.

While there isn’t a flashy party at the heart of this birthday episode, there is plenty of heart. Especially when it comes to Patrick’s healthy birthday present to David which finally makes him realize that Patrick has feelings for him.

1 One Day at a Time: “Quinces” (Season 1, Episode 13) – 9.2

Les Alverez, Schnieder and Dr B hugging and dancing Elena in One Day at a Time

One day at a time ended Season 1 with an iconic birthday-themed episode that has yet to be overcome. The episode centers around Elena’s quinceañera, a family affair that turns out to be heartfelt, dramatic, and hilarious. Highlights of the episode include Lydia transforming Elena’s dress into a tuxedo and the whole family gathering around Elena when her father defends her for the father-daughter dance.

“Quinces” is iconic for several reasons, but one of the main ones is that it shows how other cultures celebrate major birthdays.

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