10 Best Sitcom Characters Of All Time, According To Ranker


Fans love to vote private soldier on many things related to film and television, and sitcoms are no exception. Shows like Friends, how I Met Your Mother, Officeamong others, are all hugely popular, but there are certain characters that make these series stand out and voters have decided which ones are the lead roles.

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With more than several thousand votes on many shows over the past few decades, suffice it to say, the sitcom characters that land in the top 10 have really made their mark. It’s worth researching who all made it to the elite roster, as it will also motivate those unfamiliar with the characters to check out the shows they’re on.

ten Barney Stinson: How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson writes on a napkin in How I Met Your Mother

Barney activated HIMYM to continue to improve over time, being a character who carried a wide array of catchphrases, recognizable traits, and the main source of comedy for the show. Barney’s signature costumes cultivated a time when fans were known to don their own costumes to copy his ways.

Aspects like Barney’s playbook that he used to try to make dates was always a riot to follow for the over-the-top nature of these events. While the sitcom didn’t win any major awards, its impact on pop culture remains largely thanks to Barney’s fan-favorite presence.

9 Red Forman: The 70s Show

Red Forman looks up in annoyance on That 70s Show

Almost everyone knows the funniest quotes from Red in That 70s show because he had plenty of variations of “foot in the ass” comments to threaten those who annoyed him. As Eric’s father, Red was stuck with Eric’s friends constantly being around his house and his grumpy attitude never fails to amuse.

The show may have centered around the teenage group, but Red was clearly the standout for the contrast he provided to the main characters. His attitude of looking down on everyone was always played for laughs, while Red’s genuine fatherly personality also made him a very likeable person.


8 Ron Swanson: Parks and Recreation

Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation

The majority of fans of this sitcom follow it for Ron’s comedic moments in Parks and recreation, as the character is a masterclass in deadpan comedy. Ron is the head of the titular department, but openly asserts that the department itself shouldn’t exist because it doesn’t align with his beliefs.

Also sporting a stereotypical male persona, Ron generally comes across as oblivious to modern societal norms, though that’s exactly what makes him funny. The show was not a big ratings hit, but Ron is credited with making it relevant to audiences, as he stole every scene he was in.

seven Peter Griffin: Family Guy

family guy

Viewers love a man when it comes to comedy and Peter Griffin is perhaps the ultimate version of such a character. The animated sitcom never takes itself seriously, to the point where Peter openly mocks his own family, doing the “Shut up, Meg!” quotes to his daughter an easily recognizable aspect of the comic landscape.

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Peter is basically a satirical take on the family man trope, which usually has a more heartwarming portrayal. A big factor in making Peter’s comedy so great is the use of cut gags, which show Peter commenting on goofy aspects of his past which are then instantly shown to the audience.

6 Bugs Bunny: Looney Tunes

Bugs Bunny reads a book on The Looney Tunes Show

Bugs Bunny is perhaps the most recognizable face in comedy, having been active for nearly a century now. the Looney Tunes Show brought him into the sitcom landscape, with the series depicting him more in an everyday setting with a regular cast of characters around him.

Bugs Bunny’s main personality of pissing people off has always remained, as he seeks to annoy others who don’t have a funny bone. His signature line of “What’s up, Doc?” is something few people around the world ignore, and the sitcom landscape has benefited from the comedy tropes it popularized.

5 Eric Cartman: South Park

Part of the adult anime series that largely requires an acquired taste, Cartman has nonetheless garnered a huge following. That’s because people who aren’t even fans of the show still watch clips of Cartman, because his rude attitude is funny regardless.

Cartman’s demeanor has fully ventured into dark comedy lately, to the point where he displays maddening traits meant to be satirical since he’s an elementary school student. Cartman is perhaps one of the few remaining characters today to have survived in an increasingly politically correct environment, largely because of his unrealistic drollery.

4 Stewie Griffin: The Family Man

Stewie Griffin in Family Guy

His father Peter is undoubtedly popular, but Stewie has to be the main character to get out of it. family guy. Despite being a baby, Stewie was originally portrayed as an evil genius with plans to take over the world, which have since been curbed to portray him as a hammy character who goes wild over absurd things.

It’s hard not to be amused that he’s a baby who has a talking dog as his best friend and has gone on adventures across the world and even through time. Stewie’s English accent is also a hilarious contrast to the otherwise American Griffin family, making just about everything about the character a riot.

3 Chandler Bing: Friends

Chandler Bing smiles in a hallway in Friends

The undisputed king of sarcasm, Chandler is the comedic star of Friends. He’s the one who has the funniest moments, whether it’s his embarrassing falls like being stuck in a toilet stall with no clothes on or the many snaps he takes at the expense of his friends.

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Plus, Chandler’s character development was fun to watch, as he transitioned from an insecure youngster scared of commitment to a husband and eventual father. Chandler’s most recognizable trait of emphasizing his “be’s” has been endlessly copied by fans over the years and Friends’ the presence on streaming platforms further increased the popularity of the character.

2 Dwight Schrute: The Office

Dwight usually appears in the best characters of Office, as his clumsy persona is perfect for the series that revels in comedy in this way. Dwight represents the lack of social skills that every viewer has experienced at some point in their youth, as they find themselves in strange situations because they cannot understand normal behavior.

Dwight’s aspirational attitude towards Michael Scott made them an entertaining duo, with his subsequent character development into a more secure person justifying following him for nine years. His general geeky manner also adds to Dwight’s likability and fans can appreciate how ignorant he is of his own naivety.

1 Michael Scott: the office

Michael Scott holds a cup of coffee in The Office

Michael is the kind of boss everyone wishes they had, as his extremely laid-back, clueless, childish attitude is so endearing. The main character of OfficeMichael is hilariously out of place as Regional Manager, having no real skills for the role and fumbling about his job.

He made the phrase “That’s what she said” the best insult that Office fans will laugh time and time again and thus fill highlight reels. Other aspects like Michael’s extreme hatred for Toby, loud antics, bromance with Dwight, and constant incompetence never get old no matter how many times the show is binge-watched.

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