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A perfect sitcom episode is a work of art, and while it should make viewers laugh, it should also make them think. There are several TV comedies that fans will always choose over the rest when discussing their favorites and these tend to have the most creative storylines as well as the funniest jokes that people will always remember and quote regularly.

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From some solid and iconic episodes of Seinfeld that always make people smile to some newer episodes featuring beloved characters in wild and chaotic situations, there are plenty of sitcom episodes that Reddit users consider the best.

ten “Dinner” (The Office, S4 E13)

When fans think of the funniest episodes of this popular sitcom, Office the episode “Dinner Party” stands out the most.

Reddit user Nabbit love this episode of Office and wrote that they like the way Jim sees the evening: “Michael and Jan seem to be playing their own separate game. And it’s called, ‘Let’s see how uncomfortable we can make our guests.’ get together for a meal, it won’t be easy or fun.

9 “Modern Warfare” (Community, S1 E23)

The community cast in Modern Warfare.

Reddit user KyWy75 mentioned the Community episode “Modern Warfare” in a thread on “10/10 Perfect Sitcom Episodes”.

There are two main storylines in this episode: the students fight and Britta and Jeff have romantic feelings for each other. The characters each want to be able to choose their classes before everyone else so that they feel determined to win the game of “Paintball Assassin”. While the episode is definitely funny, it has a sweet ending when Jeff lets Shirley pick her classes for him, which shows a softer side to her character.


8 “The Marine Biologist” (Seinfeld, S5 E14)

Seinfeld has so many episodes that have become iconic parts of sitcom history, but when fans think of the best episodes, they tend to pick the ones that involve George’s plans, unique quotes, and a way of looking at the world, and errors. For most viewers, “The Marine Biologist” is one of the most exciting sitcom episodes because of George’s career lie and ego-filled talk.

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Reddit user PawneeRaccoon called this episode “one of my favorite episodes of anything, ever” and quoted George saying “The sea was angry that day, my friends.” George likes to see himself as someone who could save a whale and fans love the whole ride.

seven “Background Check” (New Girl, S4 E6)

New girl background check

fans love new girl friendship moments and when viewers talk about favorite episodes, they will always include moments when Jess and her housemates are there for each other.

Reddit user jmoneysteck88 mentioned the new girl episode “Background Check” as the one that stands out. Winston is trying to become a police officer and when there is a house call to make sure everything is okay so he can move on, Jess thinks she has drugs. The episode is chaotic and full of endless emotional and hilarious moments as the characters hope they can help Winston.

6 “The Comeback Kid” (Parks and Recreation, S4 E11)

In a Reddit thread about the most hilarious sitcom episode, Rocketsauce2112, Reddit user mentioned the episode “The Comeback” of Parks and recreationwriting “The scene where Leslie tries to give a speech on the ice is amazing, but the whole episode is awesome.”

While the friendships and romances on the sitcom are why fans love her so much, it’s also fun and exciting to watch Leslie rise through the ranks, and she faces many ups and downs during her career. campaign in this episode.

5 “Pier Pressure” (Arrested Development, S1 E10)

Jamespesto, Reddit user love the “pier pressure” episode of Development stoppedwhich sees Buster trying to find medical marijuana for Lucille who suffers from vertigo.

Fans love seeing these characters in this situation, and the episode also features a sweet plot where Lindsay is upset that Lucille and Maeby are hooking up.

4 “My Coffee with Niles (Frasier, S1, E24)

Frasier and Niles Crane drink coffee outside Cafe Nervosa in Frasier

When fans look back on the best moments from season 1 of fraserthey especially like it when Niles and Frasier get together at Café Nervosa.

An editor in chief writes that it is the best bottle episode ever” and that fraser is “a remarkably cohesive series where choosing a single episode is difficult.” In the Season 1 finale “My Coffee with Niles”, Niles and Frasier have a serious discussion while enjoying coffee, and they reflect on their lives and whether they like what’s going on. Frasier thinks about moving to Seattle and Niles realizes he loves Daphne. It’s a fascinating episode full of big and small moments.

3 “The Parking Lot” (Seinfeld, S3, E6)

Several Reddit users shared their love for Seinfeld and a redditor mentioned “The Parking Garage”, which came up several times.

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Beloved for its simplicity, “The Parking Garage” sees the main characters grow increasingly restless as they can’t find their car. This works well because sometimes parking garages can be confusing and everyone has been in this situation before. But since it is Seinfeldit’s much more interesting.

2 “Corrective Chaos Theory” (Community, S3 E4)


Community The best episodes are often a great mix of creative stories and funny scenes, with the main characters being placed in incredibly silly situations that have something clever to say about college life and self-confidence.

Reddit user CySU considers “Remedial Chaos Theory” one of the most hilarious Community episodes, writing, “I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard during Troy’s trick to get the pizza.” Viewers can see the same event of all six characters, and something changes in each of them. It’s like watching a mini movie.

1 “The gang is desperately trying to win a prize” (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, S9 E3)

An editor in chief love this season 9 episode of Philadelphia is always sunny because “Charlie’s song at the end is just too good.”

This episode stands out in the middle of a short season, and when the main characters want to win the Philly Best Bar Award, it’s a nod to how the show was passed over by the Emmys. It’s a creative idea for a sitcom episode.

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