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Like candy canes, stockings, gingerbread and gifts, festive TV specials are a staple of the season. As the weather turns cold and families gather for the holidays, our favorite characters come together to celebrate just like the audience. And because it’s TV, hijinks usually ensue.

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This is particularly the case in sitcoms. Since they usually focus on themes like family, love, or just plain fun, they’re perfect for spreading Christmas cheer. But which holiday episodes do audiences love the most?

ten Scrubs – “My Best Moment” (8.7)

Although it is above all a comedy, the hospital environment of Scrubs makes grief inevitable on occasion. In the season four Christmas special, it appears JD is setting himself up for failure when he promises a patient’s son that his father will come home before Santa Claus arrives.

The patient is originally thought to have mono, but then falls unconscious and has to undergo surgery. JD is the one who realizes he actually has a ruptured spleen, saving the day and fulfilling his promise to his son. It’s tense at times, but seeing JD’s relief — and hearing him talk about his “best moment” in medicine — makes for a heartwarming vacation moment.

9 Seinfeld – “The Strike” (8.8)

Most shows drop in quality in their final season. This episode of Seinfeld proves that this is not the case. Like the rest of the show, there’s a lot going on in this well-received Christmas special. Jerry dates a woman whose appearance keeps changing, Kramer returns to his old job after a strike, and George avoids buying presents for his co-workers by making “donations” to a fake charity.

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But the highlight is, of course, Festivus. This fictional non-secular holiday involves traditions such as the “broadcasting of grievances” and is hilariously used by Kramer to avoid working Christmas crowds. This is Christmas mayhem at its finest.


8 Frasier – “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz” (8.8)

Frasier Crane, Niles Crane (dressed as Jesus) and the Moskowitz in Merry Christmas Mrs. Moskowitz episode of Frasier

In the sixth season of fraser, the main character of the series pretends to be Jewish so as not to be rejected by the mother of the woman he is dating.

Granted, it’s not the most culturally sensitive episode. However, its climax – in which Niles comes to the door disguised as Jesus – is such a goofy blunder it’s hilarious. It’s hard to imagine an episode of the Holidays more representative of the spirit of fraser.

seven The Office – “A Benihana Christmas” (8.8)

With a grand total of 201 episodes, of course, Office has its fair share of festive highlights. In this season three entry, Michael – fresh from his breakup with Carol – heads to Benihana for lunch with Andy, Dwight and Jim, bringing several waitresses back to the office where two warring Christmas parties are taking place.

There’s a lot going on. Many moments are so awkward you want to look away but can’t, especially when Michael is trying to single out the waitresses and convince one to come to Jamaica with him for the holidays. The best part, however, is arguably the final scene, where Dwight falls for a prank that leaves him waiting on the roof to be picked up by the CIA.

6 How I Met Your Mother – “Symphony Of Illumination” (8.8)


Like many of the best Christmas content, this episode of how I Met Your Mother is actually kind of devastating. Unlike the usual format, the show opens with Robin talking to her future children. Nowadays, she fears a pregnancy scare, but relieved when she finds out she is not pregnant.

Then she finds out that she is unable to have children at all and the show’s opening features her trying to come to terms with it. Although she’s always been determined not to have children, having the choice taken away from her hits her in an unexpected way. The scenes of Robin sitting alone in the snow, followed by Ted’s efforts to cheer her up with Christmas lights, are some of the most emotional in the series – and proof that everyone needs friendship, especially in Christmas.

5 The Office – “Christmas Party” (8.9)

In OfficeThe show’s first Christmas special, the show focuses on the age-old tradition of the office Christmas party. The Dunder Mifflin employees play Secret Santa, with Jim going the extra mile to give Pam the perfect gift. However, Michael then decides that they should play “Yankee Swap”, freely exchanging gifts.

What makes this episode so perfect is the fact that it feels so real. This kind of awkward socializing happens in every workplace, and everyone knows someone as determined to force the party fun as Michael. But the heart of the episode is really Jim and Pam’s tension, and the teapot’s iconic gift – namely the mysterious message that Jim suppresses at the last minute.

4 Mr. Bean – “Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean” (9.0)

Mr Bean shoots a cracker

Considering the fact Mister Bean is one of the highest rated sitcoms of all time, it’s no surprise that it has a killer Christmas episode. In “Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean”, the character of the same name is more miserable than ever during the holiday season. During his three arcs, he blunders through Christmas shopping, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

The stakes are low and the gags are relentless, making for one of the wholesome Christmas episodes on television. The most deserving moment of the loudest laugh is when Mr. Bean listens to a children’s choir and has the most hilarious reaction possible: absolutely nothing. He slams the door in their faces, which is really the most revealing scene of his attitude towards everything.

3 Parks and Recreation – “Ron and Diane” (9.0)

April, Andy, Tom and Donna stand on the doorstep

“Ron and Diane” is definitely a Christmas episode, but it juggles multiple storylines. Ron plans to attend an awards show with his girlfriend Diane, Leslie tries to save them both from Tammy (and herself), and the rest of the gang attends a Christmas party at Jerry’s house. .

Like all of Parks and recreation, it’s the character dynamics that carry this episode. The series excels at writing deep and meaningful relationships, even when people don’t show it. For example, the real vacation in the episode: Jerry Dinner. Every year, Tom, Donna, April, and Andy put $1 in a jar every time Jerry does something stupid and use it to throw a big fancy dinner party. It’s tough but hilarious.

2 The Office – “Chic Christmas” (9.0)

The Crown Jewel OfficeThe Christmas episodes of are “Classy Christmas”. As the name suggests, Michael decides to throw a classier-than-usual office party to woo Holly.

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When she arrives with a partner, however, Michael goes on a rampage and vandalizes her Woody doll. It’s immature – and certainly not in keeping with the sophisticated image he wanted to project – but so quintessentially Michael. Combined with Dwight and Jim’s overly intense snowball fight and Darryl’s attempts to bond with his teenage daughter, the whole episode is a perfect criingefest.

1 How I Met Your Mother – “The Last Page: Part 2” (9.4)

Robin looks at the mistletoe

Everyone knows that the most romantic TV moments happen at Christmas. In the second half of this two-part event, it is revealed that Barney’s unusual behavior is part of his grandest plan: surprising Robin with a proposal.

It’s unorthodox, but very them. Finally, making sense of how Barney has acted in recent episodes is hugely satisfying – not to mention a big leap forward in his characterization, with him finally using a long prick for a genuinely heartwarming act. If it hadn’t been for the show’s finale, this Christmas romance would have been part of HIMYMthe most enduring romantic legacy.

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