10 Best UK Sitcom Main Characters


The catalog of British comedies includes a diverse range of sitcoms, each with their own unique subject matter. From intense hotel manager to Fawlty Towers, to a group of silly school children in Intermediate, the wide range of styles meets the preferences of each audience.

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The timeline of memorable British sitcoms spans decades, but even some of those written for earlier generations are still at the forefront of comedy today. Shows that have become favorites, all of which have produced outstanding lead characters who won’t be soon forgotten.

ten Only fools and horses


Derek, Rodney and Uncle Albert pose with Cotton Candy from Only Fools and Horses

Del-Boy and Rodney: two British household names that are still recognized by today’s younger generations 40 years later Only fools and horses aired for the first time. The comedy series follows the two brothers from their flat in Peckham to their wheel-dealer lifestyle. Del-boy’s phrase, “this time next year we’ll be millionaires,” sums up his optimism as he battled an endless list of hardships. The spring in his step and the typical cockney charm can put a smile on anyone’s face.

9 Friday night dinner


The Goodman family gathers every Friday evening to honor the Jewish tradition of Shabbat. Friday night dinner largely takes place in the family home, with sons Adam and Jonathan arriving weekly for dinner at their parents’ (Jackie and Martin’s) home. The evening never goes smoothly, even with Jackie’s best cooking efforts. The talented late Paul Ritter (who played Martin) managed to combine his character’s quirky mannerisms with impeccable comedic timing to create the beloved Goodman Father.


8 Gavin and Stacey


Gavin and Stacey are equal in terms of screen time and need for storylines, but their friends are no less impactful, namely Nessa. As Stacey’s best friend, Nessa is an unusual and somewhat enigmatic presence in the series. Her personality is almost indefinable as each episode brings another startling revelation about her life, such as her time in Mumbai where she learned to eat curry with her hands, but simple facts such as her age are not known. There has never been another Nessa and it is unlikely there will be in the future.

seven Flea bag

Flea bag

Fleabag - Fleabag drinking coffee and scolding the camera

Phoebe Waller-Bridge played the lead character in her series which started on stage as a solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His deserved success for the comedy series not only highlights his distinctive and original qualities, but also proves the skillful performance that Waller-Bridge gave to create such a genuine and funny main character in Flea bag. Her dry sense of humor and defensive attitude bring to light emotions we all feel but can struggle to process, allowing audiences to relate to her.

6 This country


Kerry in the middle of the forest looks unimpressed

This country gave a refreshing perspective to life in England, as the series is based in the Cotswolds, far from the familiar capital. Along with a new angle on British life came characters that hadn’t been portrayed before, namely Kerry Mucklowe.

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As she goes through life with her cousin Kurtan, their town has little to offer them, and they seemingly have little to offer their town. Kerry is a product of her environment, but deep down she wants to be something big. Unfortunately, her lack of foresight and passion lets her down. However, she is unknowingly funny and delivers some of the best quotes from This country.

5 Supplements


The world hears about the lives of famous actors daily, but it’s the background actors and extras that aren’t talked about so much. The premise of Supplements is unique, and Andy Millman is the main character who drives the show’s originality, comedy, and deception. Much like his other leading roles, Ricky Gervais makes viewers laugh during embarrassing incidents in one case, then instantly changes the mood as he faces the difficulties of trying to break into the acting industry.

4 The Roy family


Sometimes the best character on a show isn’t necessarily the nicest. However, viewers can’t help but laugh at the crude outbursts, and Jim Royle is no exception. The grotesque father and unemployed husband rarely moves from his armchair in front of the television, while his wife Barbara works hard to keep him and his family happy. The characters throughout the series are brilliantly portrayed, but Ricky Tomlinson (Jim) somehow walks the line between vulgarity and comedy to portray one of the most memorable British comedy main characters.

3 people do nothing


Beats, Decoy, Grindah and Steves in the studio in People Just Do Nothing

British audiences can’t resist the tale of lovable rascals who, on the face of it, would be shunned. But the likes of Steves from people do nothing, can quickly change the minds of even the most cynical.

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As part of Kurupt FM, his involvement in pirate radio is fairly minimal, but his childlike ingenuity allows for happiness in his simple life, making him one of the best characters in people do nothing. His heavy drug use is almost overlooked due to his safety and commitment to his Nan, which viewers wouldn’t necessarily associate with a man with his lifestyle.

2 Stath rents apartments


Stath Lets Flats characters look at the camera

Who knew rental agents could be a magnet for eccentric employees and everyday comedic disasters? The titular character steals the show with a flurry of incorrect sentences and a ridiculous approach to his job. In a bid to take back Michael and Eagle Lettings from his father, Stath naively tries to impress, which has the effect of repelling potential clients, but his misfortune only draws viewers in further.

1 Office

David Brent


No fan of British comedy can forget the ever-trustworthy David Brent. On the original Office, painfully clumsy paper merchant boss Wernham Hogg does his best to impress anyone who looks his way, only to fall victim to the embarrassment of his own making. Although clumsiness is his defining characteristic, he is by no means a boss from hell. Maybe we all have a bit of David Brent in us, whereby at some point we just want to be the “cool kid”. Either way, the harmless but pitiful man is a staple of British comedy.

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