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While the primary goal of a sitcom is to make viewers laugh, the best examples of this genre also get the audience to reflect on their own lives and relationships using observational comedy and relatable characters. After all, the success of a sitcom depends a lot on the familiarity of its stories. For this reason, there are many types of characters that everyone can relate to.

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The lazy character is a very common stereotype in sitcoms: a lovable but idle character with a lot of heart but no real ambition. They grow during the show and then become functional people, but there are others who are so lazy that they may never change. In any case, all of them are loved by the public despite their imperfect attitude.

ten Haley Dunphy is lazy until she cares

Haley Dunphy

The eldest child in the Dunphy family begins in modern family like a rather dim-witted young girl going through a phase of rebellion who is also profoundly lazy. It’s not uncommon, a lot of teenagers are like that. As the show progresses, Haley ages and her attitude remains. She prefers to have fun rather than work hard, which upsets her mother, Claire.

Haley never grows up to be as serious as her family expects her to be, but she quickly shows that she’s willing to put in the effort with things that are close to her heart. The problem is that she only likes things that are considered superfluous, like makeup and fashion, so people are too quick to judge her.

9 Jim Halpert’s laziness comes from his cynicism

Jim Halpert of Office is a young man who works at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin as a salesman, but he mostly spends his working days playing pranks on his colleague Dwight Schrute andfor the first half of the showpursue a romantic relationship with Pam Beesly, the office receptionist.

Although Jim rarely disappoints as an employee, he is a bit lazy. Since he doesn’t like his job and doesn’t believe in what he’s doing, it’s very easy for him to get caught up in his own cynicism and do nothing.

8 Joey Tribbiani loves food and TV above all else

joey friends

Joey Tribianni is a young man who lives in New York with his best Friends, and who spends the entire show organizing his acting career in soap operas. He’s known for being a ladies’ man, but he can also be the most childish of the main characters.

While Joey is more greedy than anything else, there’s no doubt that he’s also very lazy. He makes no excuses to avoid helping people, but he clearly would rather stay home eating junk food and watching TV than doing anything else. On the show, he constantly prioritizes his television over any other of his furniture.

seven Steven Hyde had so much genius potential

steven hyde

While the 70s teenage experience has turned into a person, Steven Hyde is a sarcastic and witty young man who also happens to be one of the smartest characters in That show from the 70s. Not only is he smart on the streets, but he is also very critical of the government and any official institution, and he knows a lot about the world. He was even considered a prodigy in his childhood.

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However, none of this matters as Hyde refuses to reach his untapped potential and often chooses to believe that nothing matters instead of making decisions that will positively impact his life. In his defense, he had a difficult life: his mother is an abusive alcoholic who abandoned him and he does not have the best socio-economic status.

6 April Ludgate likes to be inefficient

April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation

Originally an intern in the Department of Parks and Recreation, April Ludgate is a sardonic, curt young woman who only ended up working because she overslept on the intern’s enrollment date. April is really smart, but she rarely uses her intellect for anything useful.

Although she finds her true calling in the American Service Foundation by the end of the show, April spends all seven seasons of Parks and recreation as an inefficient and rude employee, doing things just for the chaos. This upsets her boss, Leslie Knope, but the woman believes in April’s potential until the very end.

5 Garrett McNeill does the bare minimum

garrett hypermarket

Garrett McNeill is an employee of Cloud 9 Store 1217 on Hypermarket. He’s a sarcastic but lovable man, who spends his shift playing pranks on his co-workers and whose only fault is being overtly lazy. During the show, Garrett is constantly looking for ways to avoid working and he even admits that he only does the bare minimum to avoid getting fired.

Often, Garrett even leaves his friends to their own deaths just because he doesn’t want to get involved in anything, and he constantly says he’d rather be home playing video games than anyone. or elsewhere. However, he usually has the best intentions and is a very loyal friend when the situation really requires him to intervene.

4 Fran Fine always finds a way to avoid working

really good

Fran Fine is The nanny main character, a humorous and flirtatious woman who works as a nanny for three children in Sheffield. While her personality tends to be messy and trouble seems to follow her, Maxwell Sheffield accepts her because his children like her, and he even falls in love with her during the show.

Although Fran doesn’t seem like a lazy character at first glance, one only has to look again to notice that Fran always finds a way to avoid her responsibilities. Either way, she is always there for her kids and fans love her because of it.

3 Being lazy is just one of George Constanza’s worst traits

George Constance

George Constanza is Jerry Seinfeld’s best friend in the television series, Seinfield. He is a petty and neurotic man who suffers from several psychological problems and whose life oscillates between blaming others for his problems or blaming himself.

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Certainly, when you think of George Constanza, “lazy” is not even on the list of his main faults. He is cheap, obsessive, and sometimes narcissistic among many other things. Anyway, he is also very lazy. A really good example of this is “The Boyfriend”, an episode where he puts all his energy into ripping off the unemployment office only to keep getting checks from them instead of just getting a job.

2 Jeff Winger paid for a fake college degree

Jeff winger

Jeff Winger from Community is so lazy that he paid for a fake high school diploma instead of going to school. Because of this, he ends up at Greendale Community College so he can earn a degree effortlessly. And even though he’s already been punished for his laziness, Jeff continues to act out of the way to avoid showing his vulnerability.

While Jeff doesn’t change much during the show in the area of ​​laziness, he certainly becomes a kinder person thanks to his time with the study group. He learns to connect with his own feelings and he realizes that he’d rather do something meaningful with his life than ruin it trying to look cool.

1 Michael Hitchcock and Norm Scully are a lost cause

Brooklyn Nine Nine Hitchcock Scully

Probably the laziest characters in any sitcom, Hitchcock and Scully are two detectives who have worked in the 99th Precinct for around 30 years. Although they begin their careers as athletic and heroic members of the force, they become addicted to chicken wings, which ruins their physical condition.

In fact, every season of Brooklyn nine-nine, food is presented as the only motivation for these two characters, and their endless hunger is the only thing that keeps them up. Although their hearts are sometimes in the right place, Hitchcock and Scully are so lazy that their co-workers don’t even bother to ask them anything.

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