10 most memorable sitcom crossovers of all time


While connected universes are all the rage in movies these days, TV crossovers are much rarer. However, there have been some memorable examples in the sitcom world where two beloved shows occupied the same space, much to the collective fandom’s delight.

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It’s true that sometimes these crossovers look more like marketing gimmicks than episodes, and the combination of shows doesn’t always work. But it can also be hard not to have fun seeing some favorite characters join forces to make viewers laugh and entertain.

ten The Jeffersons & Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Jeffersons in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air with Will Smith

After its first appearance on All in the family, George Jefferson received his own groundbreaking sitcom with The Jeffersons. So it was a pleasure to see him and several of the characters from the series appear in the last episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

George appears as a potential buyer of the Banks mansion. As Will shows it to him and his wife Florence, they continue the same jokes they exchanged on their own series.

9 Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Boy Meet the World

Cory and Shawn make a phone call in a crossover Boy Meets World and Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Although many fans are still sad about the cancellation of The Frozen Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix, they might not realize that the character was first part of the full line of sitcoms on ABC which included Boy meets the world.

It ends up being a pretty weird crossover as Sabrina’s talking cat Salem appears in Boy meets the world and transports the characters back in time. It was a bit strange to combine Sabrina the Teenage Witchsupernatural world with the most anchored of Boy meets the world.

8 The Simpsons and the King of the Hill

Not all crossover events need to be substantial. Some can be little gags to make fans laugh quickly. Such is the case of the brief moment king of the hill crossed with The simpsons.

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In the episode “Bart Star”, Bart joins a successful peewee football team with Homer as a coach. After winning another game, it is revealed that the rival team was from Arlen, and Hank Hill is seen in the stands with his family commenting on how disappointing it was to drive from Texas for the game.

7 The king of queens and everyone loves Raymond

Kevin James became a star thanks to his hit sitcom The King of queens. However, some fans may have forgotten that the series is actually a spin-off of Everyone loves Raymond because Kevin’s character appeared there first.

Ray Romano actually appears on King of queens on several occasions as Ray Barone while the other main characters of Everyone loves Raymond also make appearances in these episodes. It’s a fun way to remind audiences of the connection, and Romano and James share some fun comedic chemistry.

6 Friends and crazy about you

With Phoebe being a central figure on Friends, Lisa Kudrow also plays Ursula, Phoebe’s twin sister. Unlike Phoebe, Ursula is a rude and contemptuous person. However, she is actually a character who is originally from the series. Crazy of you.

In the beginning Friends‘run, Kudrow was also a recurring character on Crazy of you like the incompetent waitress Ursula. Although Ursula appears in several episodes of Friends, the connection is addressed when the characters of Crazy of you Stop at Central Perk and mistake Phoebe for Ursula.

5 New Girl & Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine New Girl Crossover

Most sitcoms stick closely to the main city the show takes place in, but include occasional episodes when the characters visit a new location. This is the case in New girlJess’ Homecoming episode and the gang leave Los Angeles for New York and find themselves crossed with the New York scenery Brooklyn nine-nine.

The crossover is larger than most because it occurs on both New girl and Brooklyn nine-nine with the two separate shows showing their sides of the meeting between Jess and Detective Jake Peralta.

4 The Simpsons and Family Guy

There have been several times in The simpsons where jokes were made about family guy feel like a copy of their show. This is explored even further in an episode of family guy titled “The Simpsons Guy”.

The episode finds the Griffins family visiting Springfield and meets The simpsons. Homer and Peter quickly become friends until Homer realizes that Peter’s favorite beer is a copy of his beloved Duff Beer. It’s a fun episode that combines the running gags from both series and includes fun character pairs.

3 Community and Cougar Town

Split Image of Abed in Community and Cougar Town

For two shows that seem to have very little in common, Community and Cougar Town delivered one of the funniest and most complex crossover moments of all time. It all started in the episode of Community titled “Critical Cinematographic Studies”.

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In the episode, Abed tells Jeff a story about getting a job on his favorite show. Cougar Town extra but so excited that he got his pants dirty. In the Cougar Town Episode “Something Good Ahead”, Abed can be seen sitting in the background of a scene before suddenly leaving the set.

2 The Flintstones & The Jetsons

Crossover Jetsons Flintstones

There are countless beloved Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters, but the Flintstones and Jetsons are the most iconic. Despite millions of years between them, the two families end up meeting in an epic TV movie aptly called The Jetsons meet the Flintstones.

The film follows the Jetsons using a time machine and traveling back to prehistoric times, meeting Fred and his family in Bedrock. But confusion causes the Flintstones to time travel to the future while the Jetsons are left in the past.

1 Family affairs and full house

Shared image of Steve Urkel in Family Matters and Stephanie Tanner in Full House

Although the ABC sitcoms have become known to have crossed over, as seen with Sabrina and Boy meets the world, the whole concept of a shared universe may have started when Steve Urkel visited the Tanner House.

In an episode of Full house titled “Stephanie Gets Framed”, young Stephanie Tanner is embarrassed about having to wear glasses. However, when Steve Urkel of Family affairs visits the house, he gives her a pep talk that helps her feel better. There’s even a point where Uncle Jesse teaches Steve how to be cool.

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