10 Sitcom Tropes Reddit Fans Dislike


Sitcoms are often built on tropes, as fans are used to seeing characters in the same storylines. The characters don’t understand what the other person is saying, they have a hard time sharing their romantic feelings, and they get into silly situations that could be easily cleared up.

But while viewers see common tropes in most TV comedy episodes, those storylines and characterizations can still be tedious and frustrating as fans want to see something new and exciting. Redditors share the elements of sitcoms they would like to see no more.


ten Will a couple ever date?

From Sam and Diane on Cheers to Andy and Haley on modern family, there are plenty of examples of sitcom couples dancing around the idea of ​​dating. Sometimes it can be fun and exciting as fans ship characters and can’t wait to see them fall in love. But other times, it can feel like a cliché that these characters simply won’t admit how they feel about each other.

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An editor in chief wrote that the “will/they/don’t/they get tedious after a while” trope and mentioned Annie and Jeff on Community as a couple using this trope.

9 Unintelligent Fathers

Man with a plan

There are plenty of hilarious sitcom dads from the 90s and 2000s, but too often a husband and dad will be cast as someone who is dumb and dumb and never understands what’s going on.

Tagjohnson from Redditor doesn’t like “The Stupid Dad Trope” and he’s a character that seems to show up on most sitcoms, most recently on Man with a plan. Viewers don’t like this and wish fathers were portrayed as much smarter.

8 Having a Career Vs. Being a Parent

Haley and Dylan holding their baby twins on the couch in Modern Family

Many movies use the common trope of a character saying he doesn’t want to start a family because he’s so focused on his career. Several movies and TV shows portray this choice as a storyline instead of showing the more realistic and balanced view that people can do whatever they want and they can certainly have children and also work.

An editor in chief dislikes the trope of the “working girl who focuses on her career instead of love/babies” and mentioned that once a friend has a baby, the character suddenly wants one.

seven “Aesop’s Amnesia”

George and Jerry launch their TV show on Seinfeld

Redditor Shipping_Architect mentioned the trope called “Aesop Amensia” when a character “learns a lesson or undergoes a development in one episode” and in the next episode they are as they were before.

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It can certainly be frustrating to watch a show where it seems like the characters are growing up and then reverting to the immature person they were before, but that often happens.

6 Children who are too smart

While sometimes kids are the best sitcom characters, Stephanie, DJ, and Michelle are hilarious and smart. Full housesometimes young characters can be tropes.

Redditor MaineSoxGuy93 don’t like “Make the youngest child precocious” and if used incorrectly, yes it can be frustrating. Characters can sometimes speak in a way that is inappropriate for their age.

5 The way characters deliver news

Claire and Phil impressing each other at home on Modern Family

Redditor Kingofthegnome don’t like the trope when the characters are excited to share something great with each other, but when one person talks it ruins everything. The fan wrote, “I have big news and someone breaks their news first and they can’t tell what they mean.”

This often happens when a character announces a big promotion or wants to change their life, and the other person has some news that will affect the relationship.

4 All the characters are horrible people

Seinfeld - The Metro

An editor in chief dislikes the trope of “everyone in a sitcom being terrible people” and mentioned Seinfeld like a series that does it right.

There are many fan favorites Seinfeld characters and even though they make mistakes, do the wrong thing and hurt people’s feelings, they are still adorable, funny and interesting. Not all sitcoms can approach characters like this.

3 stupid misunderstandings

One of the most common sitcom storylines is that of characters misunderstanding each other. This often happens when the characters don’t take the time to sit down and talk to each other carefully, and instead make assumptions that aren’t true.

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Redditor try again dislike “conversation overheard + partially misunderstood” creating chaos and mentioned company of three like a sitcom that does it a lot. Redditor justforviewing8484 noted that modern family does this a lot and it becomes “stale”.

2 A strange neighbor

Redditor therealrenshai dislikes the trope of “The Goofy Neighbor”, which was notably done with Kimmy Gibbler on Full house.

Kimmy can be confusing Full house character and on the original series, Kimmy primarily interacts with the Tanner family by breaking into their house. While DJ is of course always happy to see her best friend, the other characters can’t stand Kimmy and act like she’s always bothering them. Kimmy never seems so weird and is a sweet and quirky person.

1 When the characters sneeze

Claire and haley in bed while they are sick - modern family

Redditor Gauge117 don’t like that in a sitcom, “when someone sneezes, it automatically means they’re sick”. It’s definitely a trope that comes up often.

A good example of this is on modern family as Claire will sneeze often, and then the other characters will look nervous to be around someone who clearly has a cold. It’s true that sometimes IRL people sneeze and that doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

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