10 things every sitcom wedding does that doesn’t make sense


There really aren’t that many sitcoms that haven’t featured at least one wedding. Whether it’s the main characters getting married or the crew attending the wedding of some supporting characters, there is always a special day to celebrate. From bridal gowns and bridal parties to fun venues and emergencies, every sitcom takes a pretty similar approach, too.

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While every fan has their favorite sitcom wedding or their favorite bridal gown, there are tropes and hackneyed storylines that almost every sitcom is guilty of. In fact, there are some things that almost every show gets wrong about weddings and things that just don’t make sense about them.

ten The expensive wedding

Monica and Chandler smile at each other as they get married

There are so many sitcoms that discuss finances and wealth, and generally most characters from hit shows don’t roll cash. However, they still seem to have an expensive wedding venue and a wedding they could never afford.

Of Monica and Chandler renting a huge dining room Friends to Jim and Pam’s wild excursions before their wedding in Office, there’s a very good chance that none of these characters were able to collect or earn enough money to throw the party they made.

9 A clumsy bachelor party

Two side-by-side images of the bachelor party in The Big Bang Theory

There’s always a crazy friend who turns a bachelorette party from a fun and safe party into a total chaotic mess. Barney’s hopes and dreams of strippers and parties in how I Met Your Mother to the gang on The Big Bang Theory getting lost in the desert, it often happens that things do not go as planned.

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If sitcoms teach fans anything, it’s having a pretty normal finale before you hang on. Again, this trope is good entertainment, but a lot of times it just really doesn’t make sense and it’s as hit and miss and crazy as it gets.

8 Cold feet

Stella and Ted at their wedding, smiling and talking to guests

If sitcoms teach anything, it’s that it’s actually quite common to get cold feet at your wedding. But it also creates a savage drama on the small screen that all fans can both talk about and be nervous about.

Stella running away on Ted in how I Met Your Mother is just one example of this trope in a sitcom, but fans will also remember Rachel running away from Barry the Friends of the team that also had to hunt down Barney before he married Robin in how I Met Your Mother. This trope is exciting but overused.

7 An accidental proposition

Jess finds the ring in her bedroom on New Girl

There’s probably nothing more newsworthy about a TV sitcom than an accidental proposition, and some drag it out so the character doesn’t know anything about the falsity until a really awkward period has passed. elapsed. It is frustrating and quite scandalous.

There was no worse case scenario than Rachel thinking Joey had come up with her after giving birth on the Friends and then start an awkward relationship, or when Jess was convinced that Sam was going to offer him the New girl. This is a boring cat and mouse game that is totally wacky.

6 An ordained friend

Moira marries David and Patrick at Schitt's Creek

A wedding on a show just wouldn’t be as interesting if there was a random person to marry them, after all. So, sitcoms got creative and almost always feature one of the other main characters ordered and standing with the couple to marry them at the altar.

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Of joey in Friends and the gang in The Big Bang Theory in Moira in Schitt stream, there are so many examples where this is true. This one, however, isn’t that great, but it’s not really common in actual weddings.

5 The lost object

Jake and Amy's wedding in Brooklyn Nine Nine

Fans could probably think of many examples where the witness or bridesmaid disastrously and stressfully loses the wedding ring, veil or dress moments before the wedding begins. For some reason, sitcom characters always lose important things.

For example, Rosa and Terry rush to retrieve Amy’s veil as Jake and Amy are about to get married. Brooklyn nine-nine and Joey finds out the duck ate Ross’s ring Friends. It’s still an altar rush, and it still works one way or another.

4 A catastrophic disaster

Sandra's wedding at the Superstore

Fans will always remember the badger ripping through the vents at Cece le’s wedding. New girl, Ross pronouncing Rachel’s name at his wedding to Emily on Friends, or even Carol trying to kill Sandra’s cat on Hypermarket. According to the sitcoms, there is no marriage without utter disaster.

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Really, most people would probably say their marriage went pretty well with maybe a few minor issues. However, everything is chaotic in sitcoms, and while it can be entertaining, most of it really doesn’t make sense and is totally outrageous.

3 Pregnancy announcement

Haley Marries Modern Family Home While Pregnant

Whether it’s the bride or some other character, sitcoms love to use weddings to announce that someone is expecting a baby. Lilies on how I Met Your Mother turns out to be pregnant at Barney and Robin’s wedding, just as Rachel is at Monica and Chandler’s Friends.

Or sometimes it’s that the bride is already public about their pregnancy Like Pam on Office or Haley on Modern family, sitcoms like to use a wedding to tie up a romantic story with a baby on the way. It’s a cohesive theme that seems really weird to keep popping up.

2 A different wedding dress

Wedding of new daughter Cece and Schmidt at the apartment

Almost every show devotes an entire episode to the gorgeous wedding dress. In New girl, Cece and Jess make a big deal on the hideous dress Cece buys while intoxicated, and how Jess needs to fix it. However, at the wedding Cece is dressed in something completely different and wears a more traditional Indian wedding dress.

Likewise, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel attack a woman in a store to put on Monica’s dream dress. Friends, but fans are pretty sure the dress she ends up wearing looks a bit different from the one shown earlier. This inconsistency always seems to appear.

1 An improvised place

When it comes to chaos, there’s always a wedding on a sitcom that doesn’t go as planned – especially when it comes to the wedding. Patrick and David are due to be married at the town hall on Schitt stream, Phoebe and Mike have a romantic wedding and get married outside of Central Perk in Friends, and Amy and Jake have a police car-lit wedding in Brooklyn nine-nine.

After so much planning, one way or another, so many sitcom weddings end up with a makeshift venue that isn’t as pretty as the original, but makes hearts full and blurry when the simple wedding s turns out magnificent. It’s healthy, but it’s also quite unlikely.

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