10 ways Ted Lasso is the perfect sitcom to feel good


Ted lasso is a favorite for one of the most beloved sitcoms of recent years. Currently airing its second season, fans are eager to see what happens next for the characters on the show. What sets the series apart from its contemporaries is its relentless optimism, charm, and well-being nature.

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At first, much of that good humor comes from the mustached protagonist, who wins over all of his cynical British colleagues in the first season. However, upon further investigation, many ingredients such as the warm interaction between the characters and the great use of its sleepy British setting make the wellness show so joyful.

ten Sport Fellowship

Ted in a group of high fives in Ted Lasso's locker room.

Stories that focus on sports and sports teams are almost always uplifting, drawn from those of Adam Sandler The longest yard To Friday night lights. This is largely because of the camaraderie between the players, something that Ted lasso foreground and does it so well.

While some players may take their heads, for example Jamie and Roy, there are plenty of moments of friendship and male bonding, such as the Secret Santa exchange in the locker room, Isaac giving Sam one of his hairstyles. legendaries, and of course when they each sacrifice a special item to rid Richmond of his curse.

9 Roy and Keeley’s romance

Roy and Keeley have the best relationship in Ted lasso. Keeley’s exuberant, mischievous wit pairs surprisingly well with Roy’s grunt cynicism, and they’re responsible for many of the show’s most rewarding scenes. Keeley is also one of the only characters, if not the only one, that Roy is truly open and comfortable with.

Audiences love sitcoms, and especially workplace relationships, Officeit’s Jim and Pam for Parks and recreationIt’s Leslie and Ben. It’s easy to get carried away by the ups and downs of these onscreen romances. Because they are allowed to develop over several seasons, writers and actors have more room to enrich relationships than they would with a 1.5 hour film.

8 Jamie Tartt’s character transformation

Audiences love to see a character learn from his mistakes and redeem himself, from Bill Murray in groundhog day at the Grinch. The character transformation is a trope as old as time, but that doesn’t make Jamie Tartt any less enjoyable. When the show begins, he’s cocky, misanthropic, and has an me-first mentality.

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However, Ted is able to put Jamie in his place. He puts him on the bench during a game, the first in a series of events that make Jamie realize that he not only wants to play for Richmond but wants to play as a member of a team, shown when he passes the ball before the game-winning goal against Man City, deciding not to take the glory for himself. Audiences know Jamie is a good guy under his conceited facade, so it’s gratifying to see him make some good choices.

7 The characters all face off against corrupt authority figures

Whether it’s Sam Obisanya prioritizing the environment in her home country and withdrawing a sponsorship deal with Dubai Air or Rebecca terminating a contract with the same company after trying to blackmail it, the characters in Ted lasso all have the will to oppose malignant authority figures.

In the real world, unfortunately, it is often the corrupt authority figures who hold the most power. It is therefore cathartic for the public to see these numbers pulling off some of the Ted lassothe most powerful characters in. Another powerful and arguably evil presence in the series is Rupert, Rebecca’s ex-husband. When Ted beats him in a pub dart game, it’s one of the most satisfying scenes on the show.

6 Richmond even

Ted stands outside in the sun having coffee for Ted Lasso.

The series is of course set in Richmond. The affluent city of West London is described as a comfortable and safe universe in which the characters can exist, reminiscent of Gilmore Girls‘Hollow stars. There’s the local pub, The Prince’s Head, where hilarious supporting characters clap or shout during matches on TV; the Richmond Green, where amateur footballers have fun; and the quaint, boutique-lined street where Ted meets Beard every morning.

Putting the show in a cozy little world like this is conducive to the feel-good vibes. This is not an intimidating town full of strangers – its small town feel is more reminiscent of the pleasant “Main Street America” ​​of yesteryear, considering this is Ted’s home away from home. him.

5 Ted’s good deeds

Jason Sudekis and Sarah Niles in Ted Lasso Season 2

It might go without saying, but this is Ted’s spectacle and he is responsible for many moments of well-being. While not directly responsible, his optimism rubs off on almost everyone as the series progresses. From the pastries he gives his boss each morning to his treatment of underlings and adversaries to the life-changing decision to accept his wife’s divorce petition, Ted’s demeanor is deeply good.

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While many fans of Ted lasso no doubt enjoying other sitcoms with flawed and even villainous characters, Ted is a welcome break, giving life lesson after life lesson and touching everyone he meets with his vibrant mind and penchant for helping others.

4 The discreet charm of Leslie Higgins

Jeremy Swift as Higgins in Ted Lasso

Leslie Higgins is an underrated character and on his own deserves a point for making this show as warm and friendly as it is. As the club’s communications director, Higgins is extremely charming with his awkward good manners. He is the angel on Rebecca’s shoulder at the start; he dissuades her from her plan to bring down the club and has believed in Ted’s coaching abilities from the start.

Higgins sets the example of chivalry, giving up his desk to the players therapist and having to work elsewhere, which has become a hilarious game. Ted lasso fan meme. He also opens his family home every Christmas to all players who have nowhere to go. Higgins’ kindness and honesty is something the Brits will no doubt be proud to see.

3 Promotion of Nathan to Assistant Coach

Nathan gives a pep talk in the locker room

Nathan is one of Ted lassoThe friendliest characters of whom, in recent episodes, have shown a darker side of her personality. However, his promotion from kit man to assistant coach at the start of the series is a feel-good climax that’s typical of the show’s focus on overlooked characters getting a second chance to prove themselves.

What makes the promotion so special is that Nathan didn’t even expect anyone to remember his name, let alone recognize his brilliant insight into football tactics. The promotion was obviously well deserved and sees Nathan added to the Dream Team coaching roster which includes Coach Beard, Ted and later Roy.

2 Roy and Phoebe’s unlikely relationship

Roy, Phoebe and Keeley stand outside a drugstore on Christmas at Ted Lasso.

Roy is aggressive and fearless which is why it is so fun and enjoyable to watch him interact with his nine year old niece, Phoebe on a regular basis. After playing his last game in Richmond, Roy will be coaching his school’s football team, a role he takes incredibly seriously. He would do anything for her too, even beat up a boy in school who made fun of his bad breath. In the end, he doesn’t; instead, they use words to scold Bernard.

Unlikely pairs of adults and kids who are not their own are a sitcom trope, from Charlie and Jake in Two and a half men to Jay and Manny in Modern family. Audiences love to see an individualistic or distant adult forced to care for someone and pass on their wisdom, even better if they decide spend time with them. It’s a recipe for a wellness scene every time.

1 Great music

Ted Lasso Season 2 Featured Jason Sudeikis

A great soundtrack is the icing on the cake of any sitcom, and the music featured in Ted lasso really intensifies the emotional depth and the joyful moments of the show. From the catchy tune composed by Marcus of Mumford & Sons to the multitude of other beloved songs – “Blur’s Song 2”, Queen’s “Tear it Up” and Lizzo’s “Juice” – the music plays a big part.

Music alone has the power to be extremely moving, but when paired with a heartwarming story, it can be uplifting. Take the karaoke scene where Rebecca lets go and forgets her ex’s wedding anniversary and instead sings “Let it Go” from Frozen, or when everyone gets together at Christmas and sings “Fairytale of New York”.

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