2021: a year in reality TV shows


The events of 2020 influenced by the capricious COVID-19 have brought about major changes in the lifestyle and livelihoods of millions of people across Nigeria. Specifically, it had a huge impact on television culture. Vanessa Obioha and Iyke Bede take a look at which TV shows that have dominated the airwaves, have made a comeback, and those that haven’t shown up

For the first time in a long time, there were more eyeballs than usual looking to get out of their boredom during the 2020 global lockdown. But as simple as the law of supply and demand may seem, this no It wasn’t an easy task for most. production companies to meet the demands of viewers who anticipated quality programming tailored to their specific needs.

In the midst of these struggles, especially those around the proper monetization of content, a few shows continue to spin, carrying the crop through 2021, while others realize the market’s potential and exploit it for a return of many. years after its last broadcast.

As we say goodbye to 2021 today, we take a look at some of the shows that have managed to maintain their air streak, some that have risen from the ashes of the hiatus, and others that have failed in their attempt to take off.

The show must continue

Despite the raging coronavirus, these shows have gone above and beyond to entertain Nigerians. So far, he has maintained his position in 2021.

Big Brother Naija: Shine Ya Eye

With the enforcement of the COVID-19 guidelines, many were confident that the show’s fifth edition would be blocked for a later air date, or better yet, dropped entirely until the COVID-19 situation was resolved. But the organizers were resilient, and amid criticism the reality TV show aired, becoming the greatest companion for many Nigerians during this time.

Thanks to this strengthened bond, he managed to reach new audience and vote records. But that was just the start. 2021 had bigger plans for the show.

For the sixth edition, a larger show offering N90million (vs. N85million) to winner Hazel Oyeze, aka Whitemoney, broke the previous record of 900million votes.

With over a billion votes, no other show has exceeded the interest and conversations it sparked.

Turn Up Friday and Owambe Saturday

How to get the attention of Nigerians? Throw a party with great music in the background.

It is undeniable that COVID-19 has put an end to this festive way of life for millions of Nigerians. To fill the void, MultiChoice Nigeria’s Africa Magic team gave birth to Owambe on Saturday and Turn Up on Friday. Both shows brought the party to the screens of millions of Nigerians at a time when a physical reunion was not possible.

Infusing elements of the Nigerian holidays, Owambe Saturday mirrored the rich ceremonies seen every Saturday across various ethnic groups as Turn Up Friday became a staple for Millennials, Gen Zs and the young at heart to experience club life. night without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Although COVID-19 health guidelines have been relaxed, both shows remained a big part of party-loving lives in 2021.

Extra Special Band Trophy

Starting in 2020, this unusual show takes an in-depth look at the sound production of instrumentalists to determine the best group based on creativity and versatility. Anchored by Bolanle Olukanni, the show’s panel of judges is a pool of the best in the industry: 2Baba, Cobhams Asuquo and Timi Dakolo. For its second season this year, The Bandhitz took home the crown.

Return shows

It’s not uncommon for a show to pick up after years of no-shows. 2021 has become the perfect tarmac to land for these shows. Here are some of the TV shows that have made a comeback after a hiatus to grab the attention of Nigerians.

Nigerian Idol Season 6

It’s hard to forget the trio of Seyi Shay, Obi Asika and DJ Sose, who every week stormed the screens of millions of viewers to praise the sung prowess of some of Nigerian’s brightest singers or downright mock them. people without talent. those off the audition podium. It was evident that the Three Judges understood the mission, which gave the show a presence that hasn’t been felt since it last aired five years ago.

Hotly contested, Kingdom Kroseide, after beating Atela Francis, walked away with the grand prize of 30 million naira.

Ultimate Gulder Search: Age of Crafting

Mainly driven by nostalgia, the return of the series was eagerly awaited. The 12th season of what many would call the first Nigerian-language reality show returned after it was last aired in 2016 to award joker Odudu Otu $ 50 million in prize money. Otu earns this after discovering the chest containing the recipe for the secret Akolo brew.

The show kept some of its traditions and featured its very first female anchor, Toke Makinwa.

The Voice Nigeria Season 3

Last aired in 2017 for its second season, season three of The Voice returned with coach Dare Art Alade, Waje, Falz and Yemi Alade in the rotating chairs.

Won by Esther Benyeogo, The Voice Nigeria was the showcase for an eclectic lineup of singers who competed each week for the approval of their judges, and sometimes the voting public.

It was also the first time the show was recorded in the country.

No show

For one reason or another, high-profile shows may not honor the small screen, whatever the expectations. Programs in this category could not be launched despite the fanfare.

Nigeria love island

October 7, 2021 came and left with no sign of Love Island Nigeria. Expectations were high and a fanfare for the show was high when it was announced in June by Toyin Subair, calling it “the next big thing”.

Still, no one knows why the show didn’t air amid calls for auditions.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (WWTBAM)

With the prize money increasing from N10 million to N20 million, WWTBAM was announced in September to return from its 4 year hiatus.

At the time of filing this report, no release date has been released.


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