28 famous and popular game show hosts throughout history


David LivingstonGetty Images

Everyone has their favorite. We have the classics, like Chuck Woolery and Bob Barker, legends like Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak – and newcomers like Anthony Anderson and Jane Lynch. Sure, applicants keep things interesting, but it’s just fun to see regular people making life-changing amounts of money.

And viewers are definitely in it. Game Show Network broadcasts recalls of classics, as well as new games. Originally, game shows were more of a daytime thing, but tons of older game shows have sparked prime-time revivals in recent years, like Match Game, 100,000 Pyramid and Hit your luck. And if you’re too young to remember the originals, the networks put current celebrities like Elizabeth Banks, Joel McHale and Steve Harvey in the welcome spots to attract new viewers.

And that’s just the beginning. A restart of Supermarket sweep starts in fall 2020 and viewers are thrilled. Netflix even released 15 episodes of the classic show ahead of the reboot’s premiere. There are also versions of You bet your life and Annihilate in the works. Whether you love to watch them, dream of being a part of them, or both, game show hosts are a big part of what draws viewers in.

Basically, game shows are all about fun. There is certainly an element of nostalgia since some of today’s shows date back to the ’60s, but now hosts are giving these classics a modern twist. And the most recent ones like The wall and Ellen’s play game are proof that game shows are a staple that’s going nowhere. We check out original game show hosts from yesteryear, as well as today’s favorite hosts.


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