9 benefits of being a sitcom protagonist


There are obvious downsides to being the main character – or a member of an ensemble cast – on a sitcom. You regularly go through trials and struggles that people seem to find deeply entertaining, dramatic events happen in your life at least once a week, and there is always a feeling that somewhere people are laughing at you.

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The downsides aren’t the only part of being a sitcom protagonist. Whether it’s due to the conventions of fiction, the conventions of sitcoms, or the reality of TV production, there are some obvious advantages to the life of a sitcom character, little advantages that many or most of them enjoy. .

9 You have incredible professional flexibility

Chander, Monica, Rachel & Joey all have coffee with friends in Central Perk

The major sitcom players tend to have impressive or at least interesting jobs. At most, we’ll work like a desktop drone, unless the sitcom is about work drones, such as Peep Show Where Office. Instead, most actors, especially in sitcoms that aren’t about work, have jobs as writers, cooks, architects, or teachers.

In addition to interesting jobs, they apparently have very flexible contracts with their workplace. Whatever you work in a sitcom, even if it is a very stressful and competitive job as an accountant or a lawyer, you will always be available to drop everything for the last point of the plot, or have a friendly chat with friends at the end of the morning on a weekday.

8 You are never without a date for a long time

Leonard and Penny have a date in The Big Bang Theory

Dates of all kinds make ripe fodder for sitcom storylines. Whether it’s between two characters who’ve been building chemistry and tension for several seasons, someone who was never mentioned before the episode, or the classic “blind date arranged by friends”, it seems sitcoms don’t. never run out of dates, any night of the week.

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Therefore, even if you are single on a sitcom, you don’t have to worry about being alone. No matter how bad your dating skills, relationship history, or general situation, there will always be a friend of a friend or a chance encounter with a compatible singleton that you can date on a notice of. a few minutes.

7 Celebrities come into your life

Heidi Klum Gives Barnie Dating Advice on How I Met Your Mother

Celebrity cameos have a long and happy tradition in sitcoms. Sometimes they play a character who just looks like them and has a lot of their ways, but often times celebrities go on a sitcom for a scene or two as themselves, with the characters happy enough to be them. meet.

If you live in a sitcom, you’ll always be happy if your friend arranges you with Jean-Claude van Damme, or if you run into Elon Musk at a soup kitchen, or if you try to flirt with Heidi Klum at a party, without never consider that you seem to meet these people much more often than the average person.

6 Everything that happens to you turns out to be funny

Jake Peralta leads suspects by singing Backstreet Boys in Brooklyn Nine-Nine's most famous cold open

As the name suggests, sitcoms revolve around comedy. While many of them are not averse to dabbling in drama from time to time, humor is the governing tone of events, and the situations presented inside tend toward the funny, whether through l wit, absurdity or burlesque.

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No matter what happens to you if you’re the protagonist of a sitcom, you’ll probably end up laughing. If you fail a job interview, it’s usually because something amazing has happened. If your relationship comes to an end, you get injured, or your POW escape network is at risk of being scolded by the Stalag guards, there will be plenty to laugh about nonetheless.

5 Your enemies fail or always come back

Brad offers to join Marshall's environmental law firm in How I Met Your Mother

Enemies in sitcoms are generally of the gentler genre than those seen in other types of fiction. The format has been experimented with, but generally the lower stakes of a sitcom don’t allow an antagonist who seeks to destroy the world, or kill heroes, or even commit serious crimes.

Part of that sweetness is that, if you bump into another person as the protagonist of a sitcom, their machinations will usually be awkward at worst, and even if they opt for something more serious – sabotaging your relationship or your job – there will often be incompetence or redemption. characteristics. Either they will fail, or they will come back in a future episode and express their regret.

4 You always have stories to tell

Dick van Dyke speaks on Dick van Dyke show

Despite their appeals for banality and a certain level of realism, sitcoms by definition take place in a high level of existence where things take place in the service of the story and the comedy. The characters won’t go on a quest to the distant world, but seemingly incredible things will happen to them on a regular basis.

So if you’re a main character on a sitcom, you’ll never be deprived of a story to tell. Whether you need to spice up an awkward conversation or find something in your own life applicable to someone else, there will be a weird and dazzling story of your years of weird and dazzling events to share.

3 Your house will be beautiful

Monica's huge rent-controlled apartment from Friends

There are certain realities to filming for television, whether a sitcom is filmed with a single camera or multiple cameras. Installing the actors, sets, props, cameras, microphones, crew, and whatever else is needed to shoot in a space requires that space to be big.

Therefore, on a sitcom, whether you are unemployed, have a low paying job, or have a high paying job that you spend very few hours on, even the worst apartment you buy will be great, even if it was messed up. a little. Sometimes you just don’t recognize it, other times you can make rent control jokes to explain.

2 You are always with your friends

The Cast of Cheers together in the titular bar

Ultimately, most sitcoms revolve around friendship. Whether it’s just a group of friends who enjoy each other’s company, colleagues who have to get along and end up forging deeper bonds, or an unlikely quartet of lost souls in the hereafter who end up loving each other despite their differences, friendships make comedy more comfortable.

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So if you’re a sitcom protagonist, you can rely on your friends a lot of the time. Regardless of the stress of modern life, housework, work, children, other commitments, you will always have time, maybe every day, to spend time with your friends, exchange jokes, comfort each other. each other and engage in comedic adventures.

1 Everything will be alright

Jim and Pam smile together at the office

The very first use of “comedy” referred to stories with a happy ending. While the term has branched out to largely include any work that revolves around humor, comedies still tend towards it nonetheless. With the generally lighter tone, it’s easier to make jokes when everything is going well, without those jokes being cruel. Shows that avoid this, like Peep Show-tend to stand out.

Regardless of what happens to you as the protagonist of a sitcom, you can almost always be assured that the situation is not as bad as it looks, or at least that it can be resolved in half an hour. with some commercial breaks. For a truly desperate end of the season, it can take an hour.

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