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Alanis Morissette, the singer-songwriter behind the multi-million-selling album Small jagged pill, is to be the inspiration for a new ABC sitcom.

Reliable, who will parody the family life of a 90s rock legend, comes from The Goldbergs supervising producer Elizabeth Beckwith and Marlon co-creator Christopher Moynihan with singer “Ironic” Morissette performing production and writing the original music.

The project is in development at ABC with 20e Television as a studio, producing in association with Thruline Entertainment, which produces series such as Hulu’s Great and Psych, and Crush Music, the management company that represents Morissette as well as artists such as Courtney Love, Miley Cyrus, Green Day and Weezer.

Reliable is a single-camera comedy that follows a 40-year-old married woman with three children who spent her young adulthood as an international rock star, famous for her self-written hymns about rabies female and adolescent anguish. Now this “voice of his generation”, although deeply connected to his family, cannot get the next generation living in his house to listen to him.

Morissette’s life will serve to “vaguely inform” the writing and the stories although the characters are fictional and not biographical.

The project comes as 90s legend Morissette is enjoying a rebirth. A judge on Fox’s competition series Alter ego, she recently released her ninth studio album, embarked on a world tour celebrating 25 years of Small jagged pill and Little Shredded Pill: The Musical debuted on Broadway in 2019. A documentary, based on Bill Simmons’ The Ringer, is also slated to air later this month on HBO.

Elizabeth Beckwith, Christopher Moynihan
Courtesy of Brian Poth; PA

Beckwith, who will co-create the pilot with Moynihan and write the pilot, is the author of the parenting comic book Raising the Perfect Child through Guilt and Manipulation. In addition to working on The Goldbergs, she was part of the ABC writing team Voiceless.

Moynihan leaves consecutive global contracts at Universal TV where he adapted the feature film, Evening school, and produced a pilot in partnership with Kevin Hart and Will Packer. Prior to that he was co-creator / showrunner on Marlon. Prior to Universal TV, he had a global contract with ABC Studios and created and co-starred in Man standing!, and created and produced the ABC pilot Saint Francis, with Michael Imperioli.

Executive producers include Beckwith, Moynihan, Morissette, Willie Mercer and Ron West for Thruline, and Jonathan Daniel for Crush Music.

Beckwith is represented by CAA, Thruline Entertainment and attorney Jamie Feldman. Moynihan is represented by Rothman Brecher Ehrich Livingston, Thruline Entertainment and attorney Chris Abramson. Morrissette is represented by WME, Crush Music and Jacqueline Sabec.

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