Abbott Elementary Creator Quinta Brunson Talks Having a Hit Airing Sitcom in 2022


Why teachers choose their careers are one of two reasons Brunson created “Abbott” from an educator perspective. The other reason is that until now, there has never been a school show told completely from this point of view.

“It’s usually half and half — half students, half teachers,” she explained. “Usually the show bounces between these people and focuses more on the students, but I thought there was something really important about getting into the teachers’ lives in a real way. Not in a joking way. which starts with our perceived comedy impression of them. That’s what was compelling for me to do this kind of show, because there’s so much more to show: real people choosing, most of the time , to do the most underpaid job in the world. What characterizes this kind of person?”

This question compelled Brunson to create characters that had that same combination of fire, patience, kindness, and stability.

“I knew I didn’t have the patience to be a teacher,” she said. “My mum did it and it’s so important to know that it’s the job for you and you know what it takes in the long run to do it…It’s actually really hard work that you have to have a lot of seagull, hurt and emotional stability to be able to do. So if you can’t do all of that, you won’t be a good teacher. If you can doing all of that, it’s actually really special.”

Hailing from West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Brunson is becoming a household name across the country thanks to “Abbott Elementary,” but his fame isn’t an overnight success story.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

That’s why, despite not having had the patience before, Brunson wants become a teacher one day.

Brunson has previously taught dance classes and said after her reign in Hollywood, she wants to teach college kids what she learned in the industry: This content is “fascinating.”

“It would be cool to start teaching this to people younger than college,” said Brunson, who ended his journalism and communications studies at Temple University early to pursue a career in comedy full-time — said. “If this could become a course even for college kids because they’re now so far ahead of the game with the digital stuff, it would be beneficial for them to actually know the financial component behind all of this, or just know the business real behind this.”

The cast of “Abbott Elementary”.Pamela Littky / ABC

For now though, Brunson is booked and busy as “Abbott Elementary” was recently renewed for a second season.

“I don’t know; we’ll see…” Brunson said shyly, before adding, “I have to say it.”

The show returns on March 22, 2022 after a three-week hiatus. Fancasts (fans predicting what’s next or what they want to see) have been circulating on Twitter from devoted viewers wanting to see legendary actors Delroy Lindo Where Tichina Arnold guest star of the series.

“What makes you think I can afford these people?” Brunson said in response to fan inquiries. “That’s what kills me.”

But next week, she promises “there’s someone on the show that people will be really excited to see.”

“My heart on paper”

Brunson’s support for education goes beyond warm childhood stories and a hit show that should become a cash cow. The marketing team behind “Abbott” redirected funds from the series to purchase supplies for teachers and made them available on a refurbished bus that doubles as a mobile lounge when they need a break. But Brunson wants to see more effort from elected officials to pay teachers more and support public schools.

Average teacher salaries are incredibly low and while there is a lot of public support and pledges from elected officials to fund public schools, the problem persists. Brunson said, “Teachers should never have to miss anything.”

She said we haven’t seen mass change in this area yet because it’s “easy to talk about things to sound cool or smart” platitudes that elected officials often preach, but it’s another thing to make that happen.

In order to see real action, “sometimes it takes a teacher strike to get that kind of effort,” or otherwise make it clear that they “won’t give up” to get the funding they need.


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