Alanis Morissette Exec Produces A TV Sitcom Based On Her Life!


In the great tradition of “Everybody Hates Chris” (Chris rock), “The Goldbergs” (Adam goldberg) and “Young Rock” (Dwayne johnson), the latest celebrity to use their own life as the basis for a single-camera TV sitcom will be – Alanis Morissette!

Unlike the aforementioned shows, however, which take place when the celebrity in question was a child, ABC’s “Relatable” will focus on the life of Alanis. now, as a wife and mother in her forties who was once an international rock star in her youth. You know… relatable!

More seriously, however, the show’s description makes it seem like this Alanis-based character has passed his prime on the music scene, which is the only big way this show is straying from reality. I attended one of Alanis’s concerts at the Hollywood Bowl last month, and I can tell you with 1000% confidence that she is as in top form as she was 25 years ago. years when Little jagged pill changed our lives forever. So there is that.

As it stands, however, it looks like this show will focus more on the more domestic side of Alanis as a mother of three, a woman who was once considered “the voice of a generation” struggling. now for his own children to listen to him. The children today, amirite ?!

Alanis will of course be executive producer, but there is nothing to indicate that she herself will assume the role of… herself. I don’t see why, though – she has acting talent, and it’s something to do now that her tour is over. She will also provide original music for the show, so it’s definitely something to look forward to!

And speaking of “The Goldbergs”, writer / producer Elizabeth beckwith serves as co-creator with showrunner Christophe Moynihan.

This series follows Alanis expressing her disapproval of HBO’s upcoming documentary Shredded, which she says is “not the story I agreed to tell.” Hope she’s happier with what Beckwith and Moynihan have to offer!

Stay tuned!


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