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Who knew there was an entire awards show dedicated solely to reality TV? It’s largely gone under wraps so far, but here’s what we know about it.

Fans of 90 day fiancé, Restaurant impossible, Where Dancing with the stars can now vote for their favorite shows and win a American Reality TV Award. Unlike the Emmys, which only have a few categories covering reality TV shows, the American Reality Television Awards, or ARTA, are exclusively dedicated to reality TV productions. 2021 will mark the ARTAs 8e season, making this a relatively new awards show that most people don’t know about.

The awards show was started by Kristen Moss and Andrew Ward in 2012. The couple were familiar with reality shows and had worked there for many years. Moss has worked as a casting director for reality TV shows like Let’s make a deal, The great fight of the Christmas light, and Chef, another of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s many projects. Ward worked as a casting associate on Chef and America has talent, and as an associate producer on shows such as American Ninja Warrior.

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According to ARTA website, Moss and Ward have decided to start the awards ceremony “supporting, examining and redefining the art of reality in media by rewarding excellence, encouraging experimentation and recognizing that the public is at the heart of our industry. With that in mind, they’re leaving the vote to the general public, who can register to vote by text message. The show works in association with the Academy of Reality Television, a free group to anyone working in any capacity in reality TV.

Nominations for 2021 were announced in February, with votes opening in March. The categories of shows include competition show, guilty pleasure, lifestyle show, and wellness show. Categories for people include the jury, new cast, host / hostess, and reality royalty, which celebrates a star such as the show’s wealthy dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee. Dr Pimple Popper. There are also categories for thinking outside the box, such as Unique Concept and Creative Challenge. The nominees include shows not only from network and cable channels, but also from streaming services and even YouTube.

Despite the emphasis on celebrating American reality shows, there is also a category for international reality shows. In a surprising movement, a popular pastry competition The Great British Pastry Fair was not nominated in this category in 2021, but its American counterpart, The great American pastry fair, was. This is particularly odd because the US version didn’t have a season in 2020, while the UK version did. The American version has also had controversies in its past. But the American version is being shot in England, which is why it couldn’t film during the pandemic in 2020 and also maybe why it is nominated in the international section.

Viewers who can’t get enough of reality TV and want to see some of their favorite shows get more recognition, or even vote to make it happen, will want to check out the American Reality Television Awards. ARTAs can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for clips and updates. With nominations for 99 reality shows and 31 networks, the awards cover a wide variety of reality. While ARTAs are never the hot topic of office “water coolers”, for reality TV fans, they are a chance to engage even more with the shows they love.

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