American Storage Hunter and Reality TV Star Career, Early Life and More Updates!


Stocking hunter Brandi Passante, a reality TV celebrity in the United States, with an estimated net worth of $2 million. As a contestant on the A&E reality show “Storage Wars” (2010-2018), Passante shot to fame alongside her longtime lover Jarrod Schulz. As “The Young Guns,” Brandi and Jarrod were also featured in an A&E special and spin-off series called “Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job,” which premiered in 2014, respectively. More than 260 episodes of “Storage Wars” have featured Passante and Schulz.

Net value : $2 million
Date of Birth: May 16, 1980 (42 years old)
Genre: Female
Occupation: Reality TV Star, Storage Hunter

Early life

On May 16, 1980, Brandi Leigh Passante was born. She grew up in Harris County, Texas. Despite the lack of information about her parents and background, she may have North American ancestry.

Prior to becoming a Storage Unit Scout, she didn’t reveal much about her personal life. However, she declared her intention to be a cook before starting her professional career.

However, the life of the native Texan had different ideas. In 1999, she was hired as a carpet cleaner for the first time. Her business partner, Jarrod Schulz, helped her start the Now and Then Second Hand Store in Orange County, California in 2012.


After being encouraged to do so by his aunt, Jarrod and Brandi founded a thrift store in Orange County, California named Now and Then Second Hand Store. When the filmmakers visited the store and met Passante, they realized the series needed both. Originally, “Storage Wars” only wanted Schulz.

Although Brandi and Jarrod were initially portrayed as the hunters with the fewest financial resources, viewers of the show quickly saw that Passante made up for her lack of financial resources with a pragmatic approach to bidding. She has so much charisma because of that “I have to flip my scores quickly because they pay for the next auction,” she explains. “Take no prisoners.” I won’t be able to bid anymore if I don’t turn things around” She said it.

Passante and Schulz were able to become more powerful as the show became more popular. During the fourth season of “Storage Wars” (which aired in 2013), Brandi and Jarrod opened a second Now and Then in Long Beach, California, however, the store closed in 2014. That’s 2016 Passante and Schulz have closed their Orange County location.

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Other companies

Brandi Passante net worth

Now and Then is the second location opened in Long Beach, California in 2013. Another year passed before the business closed for good. The couple left Storage Wars at this point.

Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job was their reality show. 2014 was the year it aired on A&E. However, the show only lasted one season.

The reality TV couple returned to Storage Wars soon after to reprise their full-time roles. Due to low revenues, the original Now and Then store was closed in 2016.

Net worth and earnings

Brandi Passante net worth

Brandi Passante has appeared in over 260 episodes of Storage Wars both as a character and as a supporting character. She receives $12,000 each episode as one of the original cast members who are still actively involved with the show. It’s safe to assume that the spin-off series she appeared in brought in a sizable salary.

Occasionally, businesses made extra money in Passante before they went bankrupt and eventually closed. She now has a net worth of $2 million because of his work on reality TV.

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Private life

Carpet cleaning company Schulz worked for Brandi, and that’s how they first met in 1999. In addition to their two children, Cameron (born 2003) and Payton (born 2005) , the couple never married (born in 2005). Since birth, Peyton has had to undergo multiple surgeries to correct her hearing impairments and a cleft lip and palate.

Schulz and Passante ended their relationship “two years ago,” according to an interview with “The Dad Diary” in June 2020. According to a recent interview, she had been diagnosed with Covid-19 two weeks prior and that she suffered from severe migraines and had lost her sense of taste.

Brandi Passante net worth

Hunter Moore, the owner of an adult website, was sued by Brandi in early 2013 for allegedly posting a video that allegedly showed Passante naked. The Brandi lookalike video was removed and the website was shut down after being awarded just $750 in damages.

Passante organized a Women’s Own Worth charity event in 2019 which aims to “empower women and their families to regain their self-esteem by helping them lead independent lives after experiencing the impact of trauma”. A total of $100,000 was donated to the charity following the event.


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