Arceus Commercial is a parody of a soap opera



Just a few days ago, the official Pokemon YouTube channel brought us an ad for Pokemon Legends: Arceus in the style of an Antiques Roadshow parody featuring Basculegion. Now you can watch one that mimics classic Spanish soap operas. This time it’s all about Hisuian Growlithe.

The commercial begins with a woman in a dramatic monologue talking to an unseen lover, or so we assume. She mentions how badly she needs someone who will travel the world with her, someone who will light the fire inside her, and someone who will be her rock.

Of course, if you’re familiar with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you might be able to guess that it’s not about a lover after all. She describes Hisuian Growlithe, which we then see in the ad as a giant stuffed animal.

These latest commercials are an incredible throwback to the original game commercials of the past that don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re actually quite funny and certainly catch the eye, and of course, Hisuian Growlithe is a notable new regional variant of a popular Fire-type Pokémon.

He appears to be in a series of trailers for advertising the new game with the theme “It’s Pokemon, but not like you know it!” The description of this one is apt: “Is this Hisuian Growlithe? Is Hisuian Growlithe the drama? playing off a viral video tagline.

You can watch the ad in full below.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available on Nintendo Switch.


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