As the world of the Baltimore Orioles spins: The Angelos soap opera


Hold on to your Orioles hats, folks; this summer could be crazy, not because of the youth movement at Camden Yards. In the power struggles known as family sports franchises, the rest of 2022 appears to be a legal tussle over the future of the Baltimore Orioles franchise.

The Angelos family is in the midst of a struggle to take control of this venerable team.

Peter Angelos was the family patriarch who guided the Orioles through turbulent times, including standing firm with Charm City. At the same time, the Colts literally left in the middle of the night for Indianapolis, the football metropolis of the Midwest (you can laugh now.)

With his health failing, Angelos transferred his controlling interest in the O’s and his real estate to his wife, Georgia. Georgia made her eldest son, John, the CEO with a power of attorney and majority trust interest in the team. He handed over the day-to-day operations of the ball club to her.

It’s his right to do so legally, and other MLB clubs recognize that John is, in fact, the Baltimore Orioles’ chief operating officer. Along comes Angelos’ younger brother, Louis, who has argued in court through a lawsuit that his mother Georgia and brother John should not have the legal powers granted to them by Peter Angelos.

Additionally, claims have gone back and forth about who really should have a say in this team. Dear readers, this seems like a perfect example if you’ve ever seen a family argue over who gets what.

Attention ; Peter Angelos is still alive. The only person who can revoke the trust that holds the Orioles is Peter Angelos (I’m sure our readers in the legal profession might have some comments right now, but this seems like a perfect example; it’s the general understanding of the law from a secular opera that could really turn into a true telenovela very soon. There are three likely outcomes of this family feud (minus Steve Harvey):

As the world of the Baltimore Orioles spins: The Angelos soap opera

  1. Ownership of the Baltimore Orioles will be reinforced as being controlled by John Angelos and his mother, Georgia. They will turn around and leave the team to another owner or interest group. Brother Louis Angelos is now contesting this in his lawsuit because he wants to have a say in the future of the franchise, no matter what Mom and Big Brother want.
  2. The Baltimore Orioles will move to Nashville, TN, and become the Nashville Orioles, Tennessee Hickory Sticks, or whatever. Don’t bet the farm is hard now; there has only been one MLB location in the last five decades, the franchise future moved to Washington to become the Nationals.
  3. Nothing will happen. The Orioles will stay in Baltimore, retain their Orioles name, Tennesseeease, and remain a local staple for years to come.

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