Best of the Show – Scott Clifton


Scott Clifton looks back on the highlights of his run as B&B’s Liam

Best thing about getting the job: “The excitement of not really knowing who I would be playing against. The audition process was shrouded in secrecy. Eventually, Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] told me but I really didn’t know what I was walking in. All I knew was that I was a character who came to town with a big secret and I was like, ‘What’s the secret? What’s the secret ?’ There was a brief moment when I was convinced I was an undercover FBI agent, but it didn’t end up becoming Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Best line of dialogue: “My favorite line in my entire history with the show is this line at the very beginning, in the first few weeks of my casting, where I say, ‘Beautiful is also beautiful. It is a line of [former B&B scribe] Patrick Mulcahey, and that was when Liam and Bill took the paternity test. They just found out they’re father and son, and they’re circling each other like wolves, and Bill asks what his mother said on her deathbed, and Liam said she smiled and said : “Beautiful is also beautiful”, and Bill says, “That’s what she always told me”, that’s why I like this line. It was so well done, and so simply done. I have always appreciated it.

The best thing about Liam’s early playing years: “The journey! In the early years, the first aspect was this privileged access to things that you would never have seen otherwise. At one point, we were in the #1 rated spa in the world, and we found ourselves presented and the manager ended up telling us, “Just so you know, all my masseuses, they’ve done everyone. They’ve done Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt and they’re the best there is. But they could barely contain their excitement to have you all here,” and I’m like, “Really? We? That was the other aspect, it was how huge we were all over the world because you don’t know that. You can hear it intellectually, like, ‘Oh, you’re big in France. You’re big in Italy. But those are just words. They don’t mean anything until you go there and experience it for yourself, and it just blew my mind to get a taste of that world for just a week and then to get back to my life. It’s like the best of both worlds. I get anonymity at home and I don’t have to deal with fame, but I can also taste it from once in a while when I go abroad. Just amazing.”

The best of Liam’s weddings: “Ajax Mountain in Aspen [Colorado, in 2011], freezing our asses. It was awesome. It’s actually not the wedding you think of first. I’ve been asked the question before, because Liam has been married several times, and they were like: ‘It was the one from Puglia [in 2012]? Was it the one [in Australia in 2017], where Steffy came to fly on this zipline? and when I say Aspen, they all say, ‘Really?’ It was cold and dark on top of a mountain but I have a different association with that. We were so cold and miserable it was actually so much fun [laughs].”

The best thing about Annika Noelle (Hope): “She never, ever, already phone. I don’t know if it was luck or if Brad just saw something he knew, but I remember they brought three girls to test me with [when B&B recast the role of Hope] and I’m like, ‘Just three? He’s a huge character! and it was a quick little audition. A small scene. Kim [Matula, ex-Hope] had huge shoes to fill and Annika just arrived Brad gave her this almost impossible [Beth] scenario, consisting of months and months of crying and agony, and she never phoned anything.

The best thing about Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy): “She has the same approach to stage work and prep as I do, which makes the job effortless. I have so much fun with Jacqui and we totally get along. If I work with Jacqui it will be an easy and smooth day and I know we are going to knock it out of the park and it will be great.

The best thing about Don Diamont (Bill): “The light energy he always brings to the set.”

The best thing about Darin Brooks (Wyatt): “His collaborative spirit. He always brings a scene to life beyond what’s in the script.

Best Stage Partner From Your B&B Past: “Ashleigh Brewer [ex-Ivy]. His character was cool. She’s obviously a very talented actress. We have to go to Paris and Amsterdam. We were supposed to do all these fun things together, but that really wasn’t it. She just had this energy that was so fun and she’s such a nice person. She really cares about people and being with her just makes you happy. I really enjoyed spending time with her because of who she is.

Best shot in location: “It’s hard to choose a favourite, but Puglia [Italy] will always have a special place in my heart. The show ran a Facebook ad saying, “If you want to be an extra, just show up,” and hundreds of people showed up. We created this parade walking through the city and everyone was singing this famous Italian song, ‘Volare‘. It was amazing.”

Best B&B guest star you’ve worked with: “Bob Barkers [in 2014]. It was such a fun day.

Best Overall: “Liam’s office at Spencer Publications. RIP I loved this set!

Best On-Screen Opponent: “Wyatt Fuller, pre-bromance, of course.”

Best Comedic Moment: “Hawk dry after walking into Bill and Quinn having rough sex [in 2014]. Just thinking about that scene still makes me laugh.

Best Emmy Moment: « Bonding with Kristoff St. John [ex-Neil, Y&R] the year we were both nominated for Lead [Actor in 2017]. What an amazing guy.

Best dramatic moment: “Liam learns that Steffy slept with Bill [in 2018]. This whole reveal sequence was shot in three different locations on three different days, and it was obviously very emotional material. Jacqui and I can be very emotional but as soon as they called we were fine. We did not take it with us.

Best plot twist that really shocked you: “Liam shot Bill [in 2018]! And then he didn’t! I was a little disappointed that it didn’t continue, but I get it.

The best thing about playing a dad now that you’re one in real life: “Don’t be afraid to hold babies. Give me all the babies, I don’t care. I will juggle them! I love that.

Best story you’ve ever played: “Adam and Eve in the Cabin [in 2016], fingers in the nose. Rein [Sofer, Quinn] works the exact opposite of what I do, and it’s some of the best work either of us has done, I think. The variety of working with someone who works totally differently to how you do is the gift. This is the variety that I cherish. I was a bit sad when this story ended.


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