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From his perspective on filming TR on DAYS to Rey’s death on Y&R and more, check out this Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey has to say about what’s happening on the daytime dial.

Timing is key to telling a good story, but nailing the fallout is just as important to keeping the action believable.

How is it possible that back burner Rey ended up in three different Y&R stories after his death? Sharon never kissed him or even seemed to like him, but she certainly poured her heart into his picture after he left. They talked about her memorial service for days, eventually deciding it should only involve Sharon’s immediate family (and Chelsea…) with no one present from Rey’s family or the police department. I wonder how it went? Sharon praised Tessa’s song, Noah’s photo montage and Chance’s eulogy, but we didn’t see any of it.

Sharon: “This memorial was truly cathartic. Rey would be proud.

I doubt. Elsewhere, Rey was posthumously written into a love triangle.

Chloe (at Chelsea): “You were falling in love with Rey, weren’t you?”

He also considered Ashland’s offer of $250 million to New Hope, which effectively put Ashland in business with Victoria’s brother.

Pseudo: “Do you think that buys you absolution?” Go to hell.”

Ashland Country: “I request that the work be done on behalf of Rey Rosales.”

The guy hasn’t had this much action in four years on the show! TO TEAR APART.

The fallout from Diane’s return was more believable, with an Abbott family reunion showing the reaction to Kyle’s “dead” mother.

Ashley’s stunt doubles reminded us how much Diane was hated and set the stage for a delicious Abbottfest in progress.

Ashley: “What time is Diane’s broom supposed to get here?”

Jack: “Be nice.”

Ashley: “I’m the nice one.”

Y&R hit it off with Jack’s sudden nephew, Theo, and Kyle’s sudden ex, Tara, but Diane is tried and true commodity played by the same actress, so this rejuvenation of Jack’s ex looks promising.

Ashley: “Welcome, bitch.”

Ciara’s pregnancy has been a bitch on DAYS, and an uneven plot has hampered her reunion with Ben after his prolonged kidnapping. It started with the lovebirds “appearing” to each other to recite Shakespeare.

Well: “Tell me where you are!”

Ciara: “I’m right here, baby.”

Alright, that’s not helpful.

After being pregnant for several months, Ciara’s waters broke, she gave birth, Allie stole her baby, and Ben saved her in one episode. What the hell is going on with that?

Ciara (to Ben): “It wasn’t Allie, it was the devil and he took our baby.”

He can keep it if he ends this satanic arc.

Compare this ending with our funny Julie tricking Abe into giving Paulina another chance.

Julia: “I hate TR personally, but he has his charms. Maybe to your age, you don’t care to compete.

abe (laughing): “You are a mean woman.”

Julia: “Love is a young man’s game. More tea?”

TR was a believable villain, so it’s a shame they made him a heroin addict and his daughter caught him punching Paulina.

TR: “Lani, baby, I can explain.”

Bang! Paulina taking the blame for Lani shooting TR is an A+ consequence, especially combined with Eli remembering that TR also shot him.

Click on it of Eli recalling his shooting and there was Steffy from B&B remembering that she was shot by Sheila. Taylor lured Sheila home under the guise of letting her see Hayes, and then it was time to… recap.

taylor (to Sheila): “We have all experienced a deep loss with Finn – Steffy’s husband, Hayes’ father, your son. You are Hayes’ biological grandmother, just like me.

That’s not how you pace a major reveal.

Steffy (later): “A sick madman shot me and killed Finn. Who would do that?

sheila: “We’ll probably never know.”

Steffy: “I remember everything. You are a murderer!

It’s better.

And good for B&B to have recognized that the Carter/Paris/Zende triangle was not up to par. All three are single and making good money at Forrester so there was no heat and no danger so zzzzzz. Enter Quinn.

Quinn: “I have an idea. What if you expand your dating pool to outside from Forrester Creations? »

Carter (laughing): “Mind Blown!”

Quinn: “I have to start frowning again. I have a reputation to uphold.

It was great to have Quinn and Carter in scenes together again, but then they added Eric’s secret affair with Donna and the whole arc took a delightful turn. Honey will do it to you.

Has any character had more storyline buildup than GH’s Liz? She finally found happiness with Franco and he was murdered. Her dad, Jeff Webber (who we knew and loved), was finally referenced after 40 years and Liz made a sad face and asked her kids to dump him. She’s too poor to get a manicure (Finn paid) but she can stay at Metro Court indefinitely – and Jake’s father, Jason, was a Quartermaine. Did Jason have no will? Are Upstate New York Nurses That Badly Paid?

I hope for a big payoff from his current scary story. A split personality would explain it, but I also agree with Franco haunting her or Jeff Webber stalking her. No more nurse victims for this brave single mother.

Speaking of moms, the secret identity of Willow’s bio mom is like a slowly rising roller coaster. Never bet against Carly! Sonny dumped her for a sultry blonde with coma baggage and she blamed “Stockholm Syndrome”. She was drugged with a syringe, locked in the trunk of a car, almost thrown off a cliff, learned a huge secret (that Nina is Willow’s mother), then lied to Willow’s face about the last words. of his adoptive mother.

Carly (to Michael): “It’s been a crazy day.”

Nothing bothers her. This spinoff works too, because it’s believable and entertaining.

Hey. That’s just my opinion.


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