Character against. Actor: Tajh Bellow


Who is closest to his mother? “Oh, that’s a very good question because it’s surprisingly close, but I would say that I, Tajh, just have a slightly, slightly closer relationship with mine. However, they’re both incredibly close of their mothers.

Who has the most stressful job? “Wow. I mean, I don’t save lives, so I could never say my job is as hard as a doctor’s. So, definitely TJ. But my job is hard!

Who is the most romantic? “Oh man. You know, me and TJ are pretty similar, and I never get tired of it. I’ll give this one to TJ, though.

Who is the most forgiving? “Definitely TJ in that department. Right now, I love that TJ has a friendship with Brando and was called upon to be a support system for him, in a way. I find it miraculous, like, ‘Wow, even though there were things that happened with Molly, you’re able to support him emotionally.’ He’s better than me that way.

Who is the biggest sports fan? “Me. Definitely me.

Who is the greatest animal lover? “Me again. I love animals. I really want to have birds, cats, dogs and horses. I want all the animals that I can legally have! I am currently training my new puppy. family, a little baby boxer, I have three dogs and a black cat.

Who’s the funniest? “Me. I’ve had, you know, opportunities to find some levity with TJ; I’ve had times, great times, but they’re usually in scenes with the Ashford family when we’re all together and that things are in a lighter place. But lately, god, TJ just been in the deep end of the drama of being on a soap opera!

Who is more domestic? “I’m guessing me, by default, because I don’t know where TJ lives now [laughs]!”

Who’s the most fun at parties? “I think it’s a tie. It’s a draw.

Who is the most stylish? “That’s another draw because we dress differently, but we have a great costume department and I love the looks that TJ pulls off. I don’t necessarily dress up as often as he does, but he has a great game TJ has a lot of cute sweaters with a nice color palette.

Who is the most knowledgeable? “Maybe me, because I’m still in school. I’m a film student graduating in a year, but I’m not a doctor! »

Who is the best in times of crisis? “I’ll go with TJ. I, knock on wood, I haven’t been mugged in a Brooklyn alley yet.


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