Chase fans demand twisted new rule for Bradley Walsh’s game show


THE Chase fans have demanded a twisted new rule for Bradley Walsh’s game show.

The ITV program has been on the air since 2009 and sees a team of four strangers take on one of the Chasers in a bid to win big bucks.


Chase viewers want a rule change on the show1 credit
Viewers want viewers penalized for accepting a low offer to qualify for the final chase


Viewers want viewers penalized for accepting a low offer to qualify for the final chase1 credit

The four contestants each have a Cash Builder round, before facing off with the Chaser to try and enter the Final Chase, with Bradley, 61, asking the questions throughout the show.

If they succeed, they work as a team to answer as many questions as they can in two minutes, before the Chaser then answers their series of questions in an effort to catch them and send them home empty-handed.

While The Chase was a huge hit, some viewers think now is the time for a crucial rule change to keep things interesting.

Many believe that fewer competitors are willing to risk the high offer presented to them by the Chaser before their head to head, and that makes things predictable.

Taking to Twitter, one fan suggested, “There should be a limit to how many people on a team can accept the mid or low offer. Every episode has gotten so boring and predictable.”

Another added: “Should ITV ask them at the audition what offer they’re going to accept and if they say the low offer they’re kicked out? #thechase.”

Another fan said: “If I went #thechase it would really depend on who the hunter was if I went High or not…but NEVER a low bid.

“They should change the rule, reduce the payout percentage if you accept a low offer.”

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: ‘Change the rules on #thechase no negative bids and if you succeed and beat The Chaser you don’t split fairly…take home what you’ve won.’

Their demands come as the latest episode saw none of the four contestants go for the highest bid.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.


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