Chris Jericho slams reality TV show for being ‘a scam’


Fans may recall that in 2017, Chris Jericho appeared on the Animal Planet reality show Tanked. The show, which was canceled after 15 seasons due to behind-the-scenes drama, followed the operations of the Los Angeles Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. While Jericho has enjoyed many of his endeavors outside of wrestling, he recently admitted that his experience on the show was a total waste.

While appearing on the Looper and Randi program, Jericho spoke candidly about the show and said he was having a lot of installation issues. Apparently, not only the show tank, but also the finances of many people.

This thing was a money trap. What a rip off this show was. It is no longer on the air and I would say it to the face. If anyone knows anything about fish, they said, ‘what do you want in the aquarium?’ My son was a big fishmonger at the time. So you have this elaborate tank top with all these accessories, a list and a bright jacket. “Okay, we’ll put this fish, we’ll put this fish, this fish, this fish.”

When they leave your house at the end of the show, you have this incredible aquarium. It’s awesome. The problem is that you can’t put 15 or 20 fish together in the same water. They need to acclimatize and make sure they can exist. As soon as they leave, they send a guy who empties the tank halfway and then begins to acclimatize the fish. The problem is that the fish are dying. My children are crying because this fish is dead and this fish is dead. Then the pipe bursts and this thing happens.

I’m not the only one. Howie Mandel and this guy and this guy, everyone had a problem with the show. Eventually I think the tank was worth, they said $40,000. After all the fish died, three different guys were supposed to clean it up but they stopped because they weren’t paying them, they were supposed to pay the cleaner for a year. I finally had to get rid of this thing.

I had someone come with a forklift because it was too heavy. For $1000 get it out of my house. It made for a great family show for an hour, but as soon as it was done and gone it was the biggest nightmare. They should do another show, Tanked Nightmare. Those guys are gone and the show is no longer airing, as it should be. Tank sucks.

The show’s ratings began to drop in 2015 even before the behind-the-scenes drama surfaced. The show was canceled in 2019, with Animal Planet’s vice president of communications calling the cancellation a “natural ending”.

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