Cloud Strife actor fired from Soap Opera for refusing Covid-19 vaccination


A pretty boy with spiky blond hair wields a sword twice the size.

Steve Burton, who previously voiced brooding Final fantasy hero Cloud Strife, was fired from his longtime role on General hospital after refusing to comply with the vaccination mandate of the soap opera, the actor recently announced (h / t Variety).

“I know there has been a lot of rumors and speculation about me and General hospital, and I wanted you to hear it personally, ”Burton told his 336,000 Instagram followers.“ Sadly, General hospital let me go because of the vaccination warrant. I asked for my medical and religious exemptions, and both were denied, which hurts. But it’s also a question of personal freedom for me.

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Kotaku contacted Burton’s publicist for more information on the exemptions he mentioned, but the actor’s display of “personal freedom” as an excuse not to be vaccinated makes it easy to assume that he is not acting not in good faith.

Burton joined the cast of General hospital in 1991, where he won multiple Daytime Emmy and Soap Opera Digest awards for his portrayal of Jason Morgan, with amnesia fueled by rage. He left the show in 2012 after choosing not to renew his contract with ABC, spending four years on the CBS soap opera The young and the restless, before going back to General hospital in 2017.

Square Enix / Operation Reunion (Youtube)

Meanwhile, Burton also made a name for himself as an exclusive English voice actor for Final Fantasy VII the protagonist Cloud Strife. He first assumed the role in 2002 Kingdom Hearts, ultimately voicing the Sword-wielding SOLDIER Buster for several sequels and spin-offs in both the Final fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises, including Final Fantasy VII follow-up film Advent children.

Burton’s last appearance as Cloud was in 2018 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT fighting game, because Square Enix would pick newcomer Cody Christian to play Cloud in the 2020s Final Fantasy VII remake. Looks like the Japanese developer dodged a bullet with that one.


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