CW CEO Mark Pedowitz Hopes Net Gets Back Into The Sitcom Business – Deadline


Back when The CW launched in 2006 with the combined assets of the WB and UPN, it aired five half-hour comedies, the multi-camera Reba, Girlfriends, The Game and All of us and single camera Everyone hates Chris. That genre quickly died out when The CW focused on coming-of-age dramas and later added superhero series to the slate it’s known for today.

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CW Chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz hopes to bring sitcoms back to the network, which is set to be acquired by Nexstar, owner of its largest group of stations. Although he refrained from directly predicting what the CW schedule will look like in 2-3 years due to the rapid pace at which the world is changing, he shared his vision during the network’s pre-press call Thursday morning. .

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“I think you’ll still see a decent amount of scripted programming on the network, I think you’ll see — and we’ve already started the transition to — more alternative, and we’ll bring in more earned programming,” he said. . “I hope we get into the world of half-hour sitcoms being produced for the network, and I hope that if there is a sale and if there is a sale, that will pave the way for more producers and studios coming to us besides Warners and CBS, which means more opportunities.

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As it currently stands, The CW is a joint venture of Warner Bros. and Paramount, with their television studios, Warner Bros. TV and CBS Studios as the sole network providers.


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