DeathRun TV is Nuclear Throne meets Reality TV, and you can check out a demo now


DeathRun TV just received its world premiere at the Future Games Show powered by WD_Black.

DeathRun TV is a top-down roguelike set in a dystopian future where you’ll have to fight your way through a TV glove to survive. Unfortunately, in a world where death means nothing and your social media presence is paramount, the spectating audience is on the hunt for blood, and you will have to impress them with your antics in the arena if you hope to win them. .

The gameplay trailer revealed in today’s showcase is particularly reminiscent of the classic roguelike Nuclear Throne, but DeathRun TV somehow manages to put even more pomp into the proceedings. As you progress through maze-like levels, battle monsters, and dodge elaborate traps, you will also have to face the trials and tribulations of reality TV. Fortunately, the upgrades you gain over time should make this a bit easier, offering new weapons, increased movement speed, or more of DeathRun TV’s most important currency – social media engagement.

UK developer Laser Dog Games has been working on DeathRun TV since October 2020. The studio’s sixth game, it is currently slated to arrive on PC, as well as Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, PS4 and PS5, and the Nintendo Switch, and while There is no exact release date yet, so you won’t have to wait very long if you hope to get into the race with all the guns. At present, you can wish the game through its Steam page before launch, and even play its episode-themed pilot demo. Just head over to Steam and search for DeathRun TV to check it out.


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