Draya Net Worth: Reality TV Star Work and Income


We’re back with another post about a popular personality. This time we are going to talk about Draya. She is one of the most popular models and actresses. She garnered a lot of attention when she appeared on the hit TV One show. Will to love. The young model is also making a lot of noise since she started appearing on the Basketball Wives LA show.

She is also very popular on social media. It seems that she always manages to stay in the spotlight. This usually happens whenever dating rumors surrounding him tend to surface. Just recently, it was said that she was dating an NFL player. Fans of this star were also amazed to see Quavo’s new song. Bubble gum.

Draya: Still in the media

When we said that Draya always manages to stay in the spotlight, we really meant it. Draya discontinued her appearance in the television series after 2015. She also managed to secure a role in the 2016 film The Perfect Match.

Not only that, her skills also extend to entrepreneurship as she went on to launch her own swimwear brand called Mint Swim in 2011. The actress also gained a lot of attention when rumors started to circulate. that she was dating. none other than singer Chris Brown. This once again proved to be enough to put the spotlight back in his life. But, in this play, we are not going to talk about her personal life and move on to the question of what is the net worth of this actress.

Draya: net worth

Let’s come to the answer you have all been waiting for. His net worth is estimated to be around $ 1 million. But, this is doomed to increase in the future.

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