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The host of the show Tom Bergeron on stage during A Capitol Fourth

Former “Dance with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron dropped a major clue on one of his new projects on Tuesday, September 7 on Twitter. Read on to find out where the beloved host is heading and what else we know about his new job.

Bergeron is a guest on an NBC sitcom

Apparently, Bergeron has recently received a lot of love via text and social media, where fans are lamenting that he’s no longer in “Dancing With the Stars” – and possibly begging him to come back, although that doesn’t depend not really from him. Bergeron and his co-host Erin Andrews were fired from the show in the summer of 2020 and replaced by Tyra Banks.

But in light of all the messages, Bergeron posted the following on Twitter Tuesday evening September 8:

While I deeply appreciate your supporting texts and tweets, it has been almost two years since I hosted the last dance show. Life goes on. I traded the A for an N. I’ll do it soon.

He then clarified that it was a reference to a guest role on a sitcom, tweeting a photo of Edith Head’s costume building on the grounds of Universal Studios (Head was a highly decorated costume designer who died in 1981 – she won eight Oscars out of 35 nominations, according to her Los Angeles Times obituary, which is why the NBC costume building and museum is named after her).

“Successful wardrobe adjustment for next week’s sitcom guest spot. Everything is fine despite the pandemic IPA diet, ”wrote Bergeron, still the joker (although a glance at his Instagram account shows he loves beer).

But he still has a new hosting announcement coming up.

Fans have been wondering all summer what is the new Bergeron hosting gig he teased in June when he told fans on Instagram, “I’m taking a brief break from my summer break from social media just for a quick note. Second day of filming of the new project. We are having fun. Apparently hosting is like riding a bike. Anyway, more details later in the summer.

In comments to his recent tweet, Bergeron confirmed that the NBC sitcom is NOT the big announcement. He wrote in a follow-up tweet: “A project (the hosting gig) is waiting for an early green light. Next week, however, I’ll be shooting a guest spot on a new sitcom. I’ll see if I can be less of a tease with this one.

And apparently, it’s Hollywood’s best-kept secret because it hasn’t leaked anywhere yet. Our best guess, especially in light of this news with guests from the NBC sitcom, is that he is hosting the new NBC game show called “The Wheel” or NBC’s new reboot of the classic game show “Password.” Having him as a guest star on an NBC show would be a great cross-promotion from the network, which is why we’re assuming the new hosting gig is on NBC as well.

“The Wheel” is a UK import hosted by Michael McIntyre, who is one of the producers of the US version. The way the show works is that seven celebrities sit around a 42ft wide spinning wheel and they help contestants answer trivial questions. In the press release announcing the US version, McIntyre called it “the funniest [he’s] had on television ”, so it wouldn’t surprise us at all if that’s what Bergeron is referring to.

Bergeron could also be referencing the new “Password” game show that NBC announced during the May 2021 Upfronts presentation. Jimmy Fallon has been revealed to be involved, but it was not clarified whether he is hosting or just producing, so maybe Bergeron is the host for that?

Or maybe Bergeron was chosen to host Derek Hough’s new dance performance. Hough cryptically teased the new show in an interview with Parade in May, saying, “[R]Right now I’m creating something new for dancers to showcase their abilities, not just to compete. I’m really, really excited about this.

He added that it was a TV show, saying, “There is a show. I am not allowed to announce anything officially, but I will say that there is something in the works that I am very passionate about. It is a once in a lifetime project. When people ask what a dream project would look like, well, this [is] this. It is a huge challenge. Again, it’s a lot of joy, a lot of nostalgia, a lot of pure entertainment. But it’s a massive, massive undertaking, I will say that. I am delighted to create it.

Maybe that’s what Bergeron is referring to, which would be very exciting. But it could also be a show that hasn’t even been announced yet. Fans have wondered if the concert was Bergeron’s “Hollywood Museum Squares” web series that raised money for the Hollywood Museum, but it was a one-time deal and he had already stated that his new hosting gig would be announced in the form of a press release and it wasn’t a show he’d ever hosted, like “America’s Funniest Videos” or “Dancing with the Stars.”

Meanwhile, look for him soon on NBC in his mystery sitcom role, and find out in the comedic web series “Down the Middle” as well.

Season 30 of “Dancing with the Stars” airs Monday, September 20, 2021 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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