Episode 5 I Really Felt Like I Was In A Sitcom (For Better Or For Worse)


It took almost 2 years to arrive but, finally, with She-Hulk the Marvel Cinematic Universe has completely transitioned to television. Still, in this case, some fans might be starting to wonder how good an idea really is, especially for a character looking to stick around for the long haul.

You see, in the lead up to She-Hulk’s MCU debut, the show’s writers had sold the central idea of ​​the show as some kind of legal comedy that was supposed to be heavily influenced by Ally McBealand Revenge of a Blonde, two widely acclaimed pop culture gems, but with a Marvel Comics twist. However, five episodes, it really seems like She-Hulk borrowed some of the more dated tropes from old sitcoms with a storytelling style that doesn’t take advantage of its lead star Tatiana Maslany.


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Bringing the MCU Flavor to TV

Although the Marvel miniseries has a seemingly established formula (origin, revelations, and final battle), all Disney Plus shows so far have sought to adapt the classic 3-act storyline used by most MCU films, rather than to present themselves as true episodic stories. That is to say, with a few exceptions here and there, MCU shows feel more like an extended 6-8 hour movie than an actual TV series, an idea that’s hardly misguided considering the quality of each of them for the streaming service. .

by WandaVision early episodes drew comparisons to sitcoms of yore, Loki had those blurred area the vibrations and the multiverse are moving forward, and Ms. Marvel often played as a teen comedy, but despite that, they still share a lot more with a Marvel movie than TV. It mostly comes down to each series’ focus on its titular characters, and it’s here that She-Hulk deviates from the formula by bifurcating so frequently.

Besides the pilot episode, She-Hulk doesn’t spend a lot of time on a specific story point before moving on to the next one or whatever happens elsewhere, instead it constantly changes storylines with contrasting tones, much like sitcoms of old . Clearly, She-Hulk doesn’t take itself too seriously, that wasn’t the writers’ intention, but this approach means it’s hard to fully digest Jennifer Walters’ struggles as more than a funny (or not-so-funny) event that just precedes the next skit, with the added fact that the main writers have admitted their own shortcomings in writing the kind of legal intrigue that should accompany the story.

The last two episodes and She-Hulk The potential villain, Titania, reflects this because none of them make viewers feel like the demon portal Wong had to deal with or any of the show’s stakes matters because, at the Typical sitcom fashion, they will drop next week. It may capture some of the essence of the comics, even if it’s not the best vision for the MCU, whose humor is rarely its forte.

Comedies changed a long time ago

The brigadier of internet reviews can be a problem for games, movies, and TV shows, however, in the end, the effects of such campaigns rarely have a lasting effect. Whereas She-Hulk suffered brief instances of bombings (as did Ms. Marvel), the series is currently rated at a meager 39% viewership score on Rotten Tomatoes; while Ms. Marvel can proudly boast a not too shabby 80% among her – admittedly – small audience.

It shouldn’t be that hard to believe that most MCU fans aren’t digging She-Hulk too much comedy, because it’s based on that style that’s been pretty much eradicated from modern television, after all, that’s how we went from Friends at Office. Beyond filming techniques, completely disconnected takes and She-Hulk the humor mirrors that of multi-camera sitcoms more than anything, and judging by the reception how i met your father obtained, there is no doubt that there is no room for it in 2022.

One example is Nikki and Pug’s quest to find Jen new clothes to fit her new lifestyle, which plays out exactly like a classic one-off adventure in a sitcom: the supporting characters do something for the protagonist, they collide with a quirky pun. characters, the situation triggers a joke or two at best, and the payoff ends quickly — it’s like the show asks for a laugh track at times. There’s a silver lining to that rush, and that’s that Maslany’s overall acting won’t have to carry sitcom baggage with it every time the character makes his second MCU appearance, or even in every new episode for that matter, as the style of the sitcom lends itself to singularly good or bad entries.

It’s hard to imagine Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk’s current character fitting in with the rest of the MCU, as she’s a character who has to react to the sitcom building around her, which puts her in situations that no other Marvel hero has to do. treat with. Still, given that Daredevil’s appearance seems to be getting closer, it’s rather concerning to think that Charlie Cox’s cameo could affect how Matt Murdock is portrayed in the MCU and his own series.

She-Hulk The episodes are the shortest Marvel Studios has put on Disney Plus and there’s a reason for that, it’s a complete sitcom that proves the MCU can do old-school TV. The problem is, She-Hulk isn’t particularly good at being the legal comedy-drama it was promised, and as a sitcom it’s doomed these days.

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