Everton candidate Vitor Pereira turns manager hunt into afternoon soap opera


On Wednesday, the search for Everton’s new manager turned into an afternoon soap opera.

Not one that chairman, theater producer and former Coronation Street actor Bill Kenwright may not have enjoyed, mind you. Maybe Frank Lampard can give us his thoughts soon in an interview with his wife on Loose Women.

It would be funny, if it weren’t so bad for Everton. The club are eyeing the barrel of a relegation battle and the real prospect of heading to the Championship.

It would, after all, be the kind of jaw-dropping ending worthy of a soap opera. But in reality, it could become a true story if they don’t find the right successor to Rafa Benitez’s disastrous appointment.

Vitor Pereira was sacked by Fenerbahçe in December

They also need one soon.

Roberto Martinez was a failed pursuit, Duncan Ferguson doesn’t seem to be sticking around as a keeper until the end of the season and now their fans are furious with the current contender leading the race.

The sight and sounds of Vitor Pereira standing for manager at Goodison Park live on television was another plot addition in the club’s pursuit of a new manager.

Neighbors, at home and abroad or doctors?

No, just turn to the sports channels for the latest melodramas if you’re bored in the afternoon.

The Portuguese boss took to Sky Sports News to defend his CV and apparently try to get the Merseyside blue half to change his mind about his credentials.

Pereria won two league titles in Portugal with Porto

He talked about pressing football and seemed to understand his lines well on that front.

Pereira, 53, spoke about his record – eight trophies in three different countries – and insisted he could turn the club’s fortunes around.

The former Porto and Fenerbahçe coach has also offered an explanation for overseeing a relegation to 1860 Munich.

“We have eight titles in different countries, it’s not easy to get, it’s not for everyone,” he said.

“Different countries, teaching young players. I started my career at Porto. It is a club that trains the best coaches and players from all over the world.

“But we can’t have a career with everything positive.

“In Munich it was a very difficult financial situation.

“They had no money and they were relegated because of the money. They couldn’t pay to run the club.

“It was difficult to manage this kind of situation and it was very short.

“You can’t look for negative things. You have to look at how many titles in different countries I have.

Everton protests
Everton are angry at the way the club is run

It was, one would think, a repeat of the speech he gave Everton owner Farhad Moshiri to convince him to put him as his favorite target.

But should it have been played in public? It’s not X-Factor, after all.

Perhaps some Everton fans will be won over by the talk of what he will bring to the team.

“I have built my career with passion, organization and skill. That’s what I can offer the club,” he said.

“Every time, I give 100% of myself. Football for me is 24 hours of thinking about football. It’s my life and my passion.

“A match with intensity, organization, a defensive spirit, an aggressive spirit. That’s what I can offer with my work.

“I think the first decision, as manager of the club, is to bring back the organisation, the pressing game, the intense game that I saw a few years ago.

“For me, watching a game at Goodison Park inspired me. That’s the spirit.

But he is unlikely to wash up with those who sprayed graffiti on the walls of Goodison Park calling for “Pereira out, Lampard in”.

The graffiti saying Pereira out, Lampard in
Some Everton fans have made their feelings clear

There was also the pointed remark to introduce the fact that he spoke to Kenwright in 2013.

Perhaps it was to disrupt the narrative that it’s Moshiri – and the agent who is currently helping with advice to Kia Joorabchian – who are only pushing for his appointment.

Still, there was enough to make you think he wasn’t following a script.

It may have been ridiculed, but he at least made his case in public.

Will it get him the job?

Like all good soap operas, there will definitely be more twists and turns before this story reaches its conclusion.


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