Exceptional new arrivals from DAYS: Raven Bowens and Carson Boatman



Carson Boatman (Johnny)

What is your most vivid memory of your first day? “I was so nervous and was just trying to pretend until I did. The first person I spoke to was Jessie. [Harrison]. She is one of the associate producers of the series. She said, ‘Dan Feuerriegel [EJ], Who’s playing

your dad left his number. He said you could phone or text him if you wanted to drop lines. It made me feel so at home. I really appreciated that Dan got involved. It made it all less intimidating, less intimidating. “

Did anyone in the cast act as a mentor to you? “A lot of my first scenes were with Dan, and he’s been around the block a few times. He’s a very experienced actor. He was definitely a mentor. The other two I would say are Billy Flynn. [Chad] and Drake Hogestyn [John]. Billy took me under his wing the first few days I was there. I also really enjoyed talking with Drake between scenes and hearing some of his life stories and words of encouragement.

Have you decorated your dressing room? “I bought and put up three posters: a poster of Clint Eastwood from Outlaw Josey Wales, a Once upon a time … in Hollywood poster and a Star Wars: A New Hope attach. I also put workout bands and kettlebells in my bedroom.

Who is the first actor in the show you hung out with outside of work? “It was a multitude of us – Raven Bowens, Lucas Adams [Tripp] and Lindsay Arnold [Allie]. We all went out and had a party margarita after Raven and my first scene.

How has landing this job changed your life? “It has changed my life in an astronomical way, from a self-confidence standpoint to a financial standpoint. I feel like a more complete human now that I have something to wake up to and look forward to every day. I have a job that I love.

Raven Bowens (Chanel)

How did you celebrate getting the role? “My family threw me a surprise party. They rented an Airbnb. My mom lives in San Diego. My dad lives in Vegas. They both left. My father organized it. They invited their friends and family. It was probably about 25 people. They had a leader. My mother-in-law makes these beautiful balloon arrangements, so she made them in the colors of [DAYS]. They had these candies made that had my face on them and congratulated me on my debut in DAYS. It was really beautiful.

Did anyone in the cast act as a mentor to you? “In a way, everyone did it. After doing my first scene, Ari [Zucker, Nicole] pulled me aside and whispered in my ear, “I know it’s intimidating and it’s a lot, but you can ask for another take if you need to.” I thought it was so nice of him, and it was literally in my first 10 to 15 minutes of being there. Lucas [Adams] also explained to me how things work. I got really comfortable with him and Lindsay [Arnold], because most of my business was with them.

Have you decorated your dressing room? “The sofa in my dressing room is the worst sofa I have ever seen in my life. Every time I looked at it it made me sad so I ordered a sofa cover from Amazon. It is a light blue / mint green color. I put it on the couch and it made me feel so much better. I also have a blanket and a kettle because I always have tea when I am there and snacks. This is all I have done so far. I have to step up my game. “

Who is the first actor in the show you hung out with outside of work? “It would be Carson [Boatman]. Maybe it was after our first week. We were like, ‘We need a drink.’ I went to a small hole in the wall near the studio. We had a drink there. I think it was whiskey.

What does your family think of your character / script? “My mom watches every day. She takes pictures. His Facebook page is my fan page. It’s filled with pictures of me on DAYS.



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