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Sal StowersLani

Favorite shampoo: “Innersense Bio Beauty Color Awakening Hair Bath.”

Favorite brand of jeans: “I’m a girl with leggings and Spanx has the best!”

Favorite Phone App: “Certainly podcasts.”

Favorite type of cuisine: “Thai, Thai, Thai!”

Favorite breakfast item: “Vegan breakfast tacos or avocado toast.”

Favorite coffee drink: “Iced matcha latte with oat milk.”

Favorite adult drink: “Glass of red wine or espresso martini with gin.”

Favorite sweet treat: “Vegan salted caramel ice cream.”

Favorite healthy snack: “Almond Butter Stone Fruit.”

Favorite color: “Red.”

Favorite magazine:Architectural Summary.”

Favourite book:A return to love by Marianne Williamson.

Favorite item in your closet: “Probably all my workout clothes. I have an obsession!”

Favorite room in your house: “My bedroom.”

Favorite drama series: “THE SERVANT’S STORY.”

Favorite movie: “I always come back to A pretty woman.”

Favorite TV host: “Ellen Degeneres.”

Favorite cartoon:Moana.”

Favorite singer or band: “I kinda like myself Whitney Houston.”

Favorite kitchen appliance: “My Vitamix blender.”

Favorite place to learn the lines: “Comfortable on the sofa or outside in nature.”

Favorite place I have ever visited: “Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa.”

Paul TelferAlex

Favorite shampoo: “Head and shoulders; dandruff is not very sexy.

Favorite brand of jeans: “Lévi’s. Literally invented them. I don’t really understand the need for another brand.”

Favorite Phone App: “Spending a lot more time on Instagram than I should.”

Favorite type of cuisine: “Very partial to spicy Indian curries.”

Favorite sports team: “Any Scottish national team competing in literally any sport, because I always like an underdog.”

Favorite breakfast item: “Smoked salmon and soft poached egg on toasted English muffin with cream cheese and lemon. So quick and easy to make, yet so good.

Favorite coffee drink: “Really well-stirred jet-black dark roast, or nitro cold brew.”

Favorite adult beverage: “Any Scotsman. Also a big fan of San Francisco’s Anchor Steam brewery.”

Favorite sweet treat: “Millionaire shortbread – at least that’s what we called it when I was a kid. It’s chocolate on caramel at the top butter shortbread. Very delicious, but very dangerous.

Favorite healthy snack: “Fuji apples.”

Favorite color: “Really rich blues.”

Favorite magazine: “Lost the habit of magazines, but everything about movies.”

Favourite book: “Probably straw dogs [Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals] by John Grey. It presents a philosophical perspective that I found very useful.

Favorite item in your closet: “I have a shirt that I bought myself after the first acting job that I did that I was really proud of. [SPARTACUS] There is always. I still have it, and it’s always a little pleasure when I let myself be carried away.

Favorite room in your house: “Kitchen. Really fun to cook and a great view of the garden. Hard to beat.”

Favorite sitcom: “THE FALSE TOWERS.”

Favorite drama series: “Too many to mention. But a recent one that I absolutely loved was an Australian show called MR. BETWEEN on FX.

Favorite movie:Robotcop.”

Favorite TV host: “Tom Bergeron is a master of the craft.”

Favorite cartoon: “Mix between the classic Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and TOM AND JERRY. Or any Miyazaki or Pixar movie.

Favorite comic: Preacher.”

Favorite singer or band: “Currently obsessed with a Scottish band called Chvrches.”

Favorite kitchen appliance: “Cast iron skillet.”

Favorite place to learn the lines: “On a stationary bike.”

Favorite place I have ever visited: “I was lucky enough to go to Hong Kong many times before and after the UK returned it to China – one of the most amazing cities in the world, full of amazing people and sights to see. to see.”


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