Favorite Reading: GH – Soap Opera Digest


Marcus ColomaNicholas

Favorite shampoo: “Stonybook Botanicals Fragrance Free.”

Favorite brand of jeans: “Good guy – gotta love Tarjay [Target]!”

Favorite Phone App: “It’s not chess. I gave up chess this year.

Favorite type of cuisine: “Filet mignon.”

Favorite breakfast item: “Scrambled eggs with salsa and avocado.”

Favorite coffee drink: “Cortado, but I order the Americano with a little whole milk. At home, it’s latte.

Favorite adult beverage: “Coffee. I don’t drink the other adult drinks.

Favorite sweet treat: “Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream.”

Favorite healthy snack: “Non-fat plain Greek yogurt with stevia.”

Favorite color: “Green.”

Favorite journal: Soap Opera Digest.”

Favourite book: Twelve against the gods Where The hottest state.”

Favorite item in your closet: “Rag and bone boots. I had them forever.

Favorite room in your house: “The living room.”

Favorite comic: “Batman.”

Favorite singer or band: “Smokey Robinson, Hozier.

Favorite kitchen appliance: “Coffee maker.”

Favorite place to learn the lines: “My living room.”

Favorite place I have ever visited: “Splendid in Portofino.”

Cynthia Watros as Nina

Favorite shampoo: “Olaplex!”

Favorite brand of jeans: “7 for all mankind or true religion.”

Favorite Phone App: “I love Words Between Friends. I play with my brother.

Favorite type of cuisine: “Italian.”

Favorite sports team: “New York Yankees.”

Favorite breakfast item: “I’m not a breakfast fanatic, but I would say a protein bar.”

Favorite coffee drink: “Every morning I make a little coffee with two raw sugars and half and half extra.”

Favorite adult beverage: “White wine is my favorite. No chardonnay, I’m not a chardonnay drinker, but a good sauvignon blanc.

Favorite sweet treat: “I was just talking about this – I haven’t had it in years, but the sundaes at McDonald’s that they used to put the nuts on. Someone said to me, ‘They don’t make any more nuts !’ But I have to say it, because it reminds me of my childhood. If I could, I would have this every day.

Favorite color: “Blue.”

Favorite journal: Soap Opera Digest.”

Favourite book: “Right now, I’m really in Savage by Glennon Doyle.

Favorite item in your closet: “My hoodies.”

Favorite room in your house: “My room, I think. It’s comfortable. I can take a nap, I can sit, I can be on my computer. I can do many things in the bedroom.

Favorite sitcom: “SEINFELD. Always. I just rewatched a bunch of episodes and it’s amazing. It stands the test of time. »

Favorite drama series: “THE SOPRANOS. I know it’s been a while, but it’s amazing.

Favorite movie: “I appreciate The Godfather a lot of films. I could watch them over and over again.

Favorite TV host: “I worked with him, I love him – I have to say Drew Carey!”

Favorite cartoon: “KIMBA THE WHITE LION.”

Favorite comic: Jim Gaffigan.

Favorite singer or band: “Imagine Dragons.”

Favorite kitchen appliance: “My coffee maker.”

Favorite place to learn the lines: “I have two. One is in the tub and the other is hiking and saying my lines as I walk.

Favorite place I have ever visited: “I haven’t traveled much, but the place that made me go, ‘Am I still on earth?’ was Rome, Italy. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’m this girl who grew up in Michigan and was just in awe of the statues and the beauty of the buildings.


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