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“It should be a big drama,” co-head writer Michael Minnis says of what’s to come. “We’re pitting Forrester against Logan and going back to the roots of the show. Can Brooke and Ridge prevail and will the truth come out about Sheila?

Brooke/Ridge/Deacon/Taylor/Sheila: “That’s the main thrust of what we’re doing in February. Slowly but surely people will learn Brooke’s secret [about kissing Deacon on New Year’s Eve]. The secret will start to come out because of Douglas, and it will eventually lead to the start of the reveal. Until February, it’s about to discover Ridge. Steffy and Thomas help get some real evidence before they go to Ridge and finally get him to open his eyes to Brooke.

Carter/Paris/Zende/Grace: “Carter is trying to do the right thing but he’s drawn to Paris. Grace will intervene. She’ll see enough to want to end this and thinks Carter isn’t the path Paris should be taking, given her history with Zoe and her affair with Quinn. And she thinks Zende is just a wonderful guy. So she’s basically threatening Carter to stay away from Paris and it’s a question of, can he do that or not? And Carter no [want] jeopardize Paris’ time at Forrester Creations and everything she’s built so far, so he’s faced with a dilemma.

Quinn/Eric: “They’re fixing their relationship and spending time [with] each other. We will see Brooke confide in Eric, who is a big supporter of her. Quinn made the ring for Zende and is probably wondering what’s going on there.

Hope/Liam/Steffy/Finn: “Their personal relationship is pretty copacetic at the moment. Steffy is swept up in everything that’s going on with her mom and dad, especially when she learns about Brooke and Deacon. We see a lot of Liam, especially as a spokesperson for Hope, who is also swept away by Deacon and Brooke’s situation.


Editor Ron Carlivati ​​talks about what lies ahead in Salem.

Abigail/Kristen/Steve/Kayla/Sarah: “After Abigail gets too close to the truth, Gwen and Ava dispatch her to a deserted island, where Kristen has Steve and Kayla. Abigail will soon realize that she is not alone on the island. So , the stories start to converge and as they try to run away they end up coming face to face with Sarah, I will say her return has an unusual twist.

Chad/Tony: “It’s kind of a road to the island, and it’ll be good to see the DiMera brothers team up; you don’t see that too often. So Chad and Tony team up to try and find Abigail when she goes missing. And everyone ends up heading to the island.

Alex/Gwen: “Xander finally puts his feelings for Sarah behind him and he proposes to Gwen. So just when it looks like Sarah might be on the verge of being saved, Xander commits to Gwen and marriage.

Ciara/Ben: “They are really starting to plan for a future and looking for a bigger place to start their family. And then something happens and they start to suspect that maybe the devil isn’t as gone as they thought. So they are again worried about the safety of their unborn baby and they start investigating the possibility that the devil has returned.

EJ/Clyde: “EJ is wrongly convicted of kidnapping Sami, and when he gets to his cell, his cellmate turns around on his bunk, and we see it’s Clyde Weston. The significance of that, like a lot of fans know, is that Clyde was responsible for EJ’s ‘death’ several years ago, so when EJ comes face to face with Clyde, we can finally play him in. This will lead to a potential escalation of bad feelings between those two there.

Johnny/Gabi/Jake: “The devil is like an agent of chaos and likes to disturb happy couples. So we saw Johnny chasing Gabi, and she and Jake don’t know they’re mingling with the devil. In February, “JoDevil”, as we call him, is determined to put Gabi to bed. »

Ally/Tripp/Chanel: “Tripp proposes to Allie, and he and Allie are in this happy place planning their future. Again, the devil doesn’t like to see happy couples, so Johnny is cooking up some major drama for them.

Chloe/Brady/Nancy/Craig: “Craig and Nancy’s marriage is falling apart and Craig is falling for someone else. We’ll use this story to bring Chloe and Brady closer together. Chloe isn’t really ready to move on to anything romantic, but we’re sees leaning more and more on Brady.When Craig wants Chloe to meet her new lover, she asks Brady to come, so you know it becomes kind of a de facto double date.”

Nicole/Rafe/Ava: “Rafe is accused of all these irregularities at the police station and Trask pursues him with all his might. Nicole rightly suspects that Ava is behind it all and frames her. So she kind of takes the bull by the horns to prove that Ava is behind this. Expect a confrontation between these two women.

Paulina/Lani/Eli/TR: “We introduced Lani’s biological father, Ray, as TR. He reinvented himself as a movie producer and he’s the one producing Johnny’s movie. TR insists that he is a new man who has changed and he wants to prove it to Lani. So we see Lani, although very cautious, tempted to get to know this guy, and Paulina, who is more suspicious. And Eli is on the case as Lani’s protective husband, and basically puts TR on notice.


Co-lead writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor break down what’s to come in Port Charles.

The baby switch: “Bailey and Louise’s secret is about to come out. Maxie and Brook Lynn are desperate to keep the truth out, but this story reaches a crescendo. Anna, Valentin, Felicia, Chase, Dante, Drew – whoever has a vested interest in protecting Louise and/or witnessing Peter’s downfall will have a role to play in this highly charged chapter of the story.Louise’s pop villain, Peter, “is desperate, and desperate men are dangerous.” He’s willing to use every opportunity, every secret, and every lever at his disposal to secure his freedom and reunite with his family, while Valentine’s realization about baby Bailey might come too late and put his entire family On the budding relationship front, “Brook Lynn and Chase’s love tension can boil over, if they can just pull away from each other; and Maxie and Austin’s feelings for each other each other become more and more difficult to neither er, but they could face a huge hurdle if Austin’s involvement with Victor comes to light.

Laura vs. Victor: “Victor is working the long scam regarding his return to Port Charles. He slowly accumulates more allies and wealth and does his best to round up all the Cassadines, and from Laura’s perspective, this could spell trouble for Nikolas and Spencer’s future. Ultimately, this leads to a battle for the souls of Laura’s family, a battle she is willing to fight and determined to win.

Carly/Sonny/Nina: “This story changes very quickly from early February to the end. Sonny and Carly’s future hinges on her desperate attempt to save her marriage. This is a watershed moment for this relationship.

Dante/Sam/Drew: “Sam must balance her growing relationship with Dante with her co-parenting relationship and her past with Drew. She’s torn between the promise of something new and exciting with Dante and the nostalgic appeal of a marriage she has. shared with Drew which made her very happy at one point. The upcoming events will force Sam to confront both his past and his future.

Liz/Finn: “Liz and Finn’s budding relationship faces an early test, and they come face-to-face with Suspect #1, who they believe is responsible for the intrusion into their lives.”

The Ashfords: “Curtis and Portia are about to start a new page in their relationship, but maybe their past isn’t done with them. Curtis pushes the boundaries with Marshall. Stella keeps a watchful eye on everything Marshall-related and might not not be able to keep her opinions to herself, which could unwittingly expose Marshall’s truth.

Teens : “Their trip to the cabin sets the stage for a major schism to come as Esme goes out of her way to exact revenge on Spencer’s friends.”

Brando/Sacha: “Brando and Sasha are reassessing their relationship in the wake of Liam’s death and are coming to a crossroads in February.”

Alexis/Harmony: “Their friendship continues to deepen and raises eyebrows among those close to Alexis, especially her daughters and Shawn.”

Ava/Nicholas: “They are enjoying a romantic respite as forces gather against them. Their marriage will face tests from many quarters, including Spencer, Esme and Victor’s growing influence over the Cassadine family.

Brit: “Obrecht confronts Britt with an optimistic view of her future, but Britt may not share Obrecht’s view. Britt and Carly have a meeting of minds that could provide the catharsis they both need.

Willow/Michael: “Their impending getaway could reveal secrets from their past.”

Epiphany: “Epiphany’s past hopes and dreams have been rekindled and she must now figure out what the next steps might be.”

Terri: “A case of mistaken identity can lead Terry to a surprise new love connection.”


Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith shares what’s going on in Genoa City.

Victor/Nikki/Ashland/Victoria: “Victor’s suspicions about Ashland’s condition will lead Victor to task Michael with finding the truth at all costs. This causes a conflict of interest for Nikki, who fears that Victoria’s rift with her family could be rekindled if she learns of Victor’s investigation.

Michael/Lauren: “Lauren experiences deja vu as she remembers how Michael working for Victor affected their marriage.”

Victoria/Adam/Sally: “Victoria’s acquisition of Newman Media results in a game of musical chairs, with Victoria becoming Adam’s boss. Victoria and Ashland might push Adam too far and cause him to rethink his recent change in attitude. He could then engage in a dangerous power struggle with the couple. Luckily for Adam, Sally proves to be a much-needed distraction from the sibling rivalry.

Chelsea/Chloe: “Chelsea and Chloe find themselves at a crossroads professionally and must make tough and fast decisions in order to save their careers.”

Abby/Chance/Devon/Amanda: “Devon and Abby’s new parenting arrangement is thrown into question when Dominic runs into a medical issue. Amanda will once again prove herself as a supportive partner when she dives into problem solving. Chance will struggle again to move on because of his PTSD.

Mariah/Tessa/Noah: “Newly engaged Mariah and Tessa work together to begin planning their wedding as they face the pressure of creating the perfect day for themselves and their guests. Nick and Sharon become concerned when they see Noah walking around on the wild side as he comes to terms with his feelings for Tessa.

Nate/Elena: “While Nate and Elena experience the domestic bliss of living together, Nate is still adjusting to a professional life that doesn’t include being a surgeon.”

Jack/Phyllis: “Jack and Phyllis embark on a new mystery and travel to the most unexpected places. Traci shares her words of wisdom to point them in the right direction.

Billy/Lily: “Lily and Billy are doing their best to maintain normalcy in the relationship despite her new position as CEO Chancellor. Billy embarks on a passion project as he adjusts to their new arrangement and Lily turns to Jill for guidance. advice.


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