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East Flower turned it all around on ITV’s new game show The Void.

Fleur tops the Saturday night series with The diversity star ashley banjo


Each episode sees contestants put themselves to the test to overcome a wide range of demanding mental and physical challenges – all while navigating the terrifying prospect of falling into “The Void,” an intimidating and ruthless chasm of 520,000 gallons of water. .

Fleur shares the show: “I think in terms of physical game shows, most of the time they’ve been either absolutely hilarious and not serious, or too serious to the point where you watch and think there’s no no chance in hell that you can do it yourself.

The void. Image: ITV

“The Void stands out because it’s open to everyone. You can be really strong, or you can be someone who’s never been to the gym and have a chance to make some money.

“It’s totally unpredictable. People who are often expected to do very well fall in the first round.”

She adds, “The innings are so unpredictable. You only see the sleeve when you step on the platform. You can’t prepare yourself. You just have to have a positive attitude that you want to win. And then try to be. intrepid.

“A lot of people’s fears got in their way. They started to think too much. The people who did the best took it in their stride and took each turn as it came.”

Speaking about accommodation with Ashley, Fleur continues, “I would say it was almost like we had known each other in another life. We had so much in common. We went to the same college at the same time but didn’t we never crossed paths. It came from BGT and I just X factor so we had similar trajectories. He did a lot of dancing, I did a lot of dancing. We were born a year apart. We clicked instantly.

And she says the couple took the advice of iconic TV duo Ant and Dec: “I worked closely with them on Saturday Night Takeaway. Ashley said the same thing. When he did BGT, watch them work. together is amazing to see. Their chemistry is so natural and genuine. It never feels like a job. “

Wrecking ball.  Image: ITV

Wrecking ball. Image: ITV

Meanwhile, Fleur reveals that she already has her eye on some famous contenders that she’d like to see take on The Void.

The Sax hitmaker explains, “Alison Hammond sent me a DM today saying, ‘Love your new show, I think I would be brilliant on it. ”


“How good would a celebrity version be? Alison would be a joy. She wouldn’t take it too seriously and surprise herself.”

For now, The Void continues on ITV and ITV Hub on Saturday nights at 8 p.m. ET.

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