Frasier fan imagines the sitcom as Streets of Rage-Style Brawler


A fan of the popular 90s sitcom Frasier is reimagining the series as an arcade-style fighting game, similar to Streets of Rage or Street Fighter.

After a fan talked about wanting to see an arcade-style game fraser brawling game, another fan of the sitcom took it upon himself to make it a reality.

Illustrator and designer Tom Waterhouse has reimagined the popular 90s sitcom into a fighting game inspired by The streets of rage and street fighter. The pixel art depicts the titular character fighting alongside his brother, Niles, while taking on two Moon brothers in the KACL studio. As Frasier brandishes radio equipment from the station, Niles acrobatically kicks one of the moons in the head.

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The original concept for the fan art came from writer and illustrator Arryn Diaz, who shared his wish to see an arcade game featuring the cast of fraser in the manner of The Simpsons arcade game Where Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Diaz even detailed some characters’ basic moves, noting that Daphne Moon is said to have psychic powers, while Niles is expected to know capoeira. The pixel art indeed portrays Niles as a proficient practitioner of the Brazilian martial art.

fraser is a popular sitcom that aired for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004 on NBC. The series is a spin-off of another popular comedy show, Cheers, which continued the story of Frasier Crane, played by Kelsey Grammer. Frasier would return to his hometown of Seattle to reconnect with his father, Martin, and brother, Niles, played by John Mahoney and David Hyde Pierce, respectively. Grammer, Mahoney and Pierce would all later play roles in The simpsons which echoed the relationships of their characters since fraser, with Grammer often voicing recurring character Sideshow Bob.

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fraser won a total of 37 Primetime Emmy Awards, which was a record for a scripted show at the time. The series also won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series for five consecutive years. Due to the show’s popularity during its initial run, a fraser the revival was greenlit by Paramount in February 2021. While Grammer is the only confirmed cast member of the reboot so far, various rumors suggest that several actors from the original series, including Pierce and Jane Leeves, have been approached to reprise their roles. .

The third leg of Frasier Crane’s TV arc is set to debut exclusively on Paramount+ sometime in 2022.

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