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It’s getting worse. Now is that just five episodes of a weekend? Did you know that the franchise brings in a billion dollars a year in royalties from all over the world? Not in UK on C5. It’s amazing that they get anything that way. As amazing as they don’t pick it up, with the way the C5 boobies abuse it.
Jim B
9:32 am Sat 20 Nov
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Wizards. Geniuses. Experienced programmers. Otherwise, they did this show in the middle of the night. Then they can’t decide from week to week how many episodes to air on the weekend. Everything is so random on British TV. Especially the collision of brain cells.
Alf komm
1:03 pm Sun 9 May
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No respect
Hi, everyone loves Raymond, Frasier, every morning on C4. C4 / E4 had friends for a while, then they got a new manager from ITN. The same nonsense happens at C5.
Alf komm
8:19 am Tue 20 Apr
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Afternoon please!
Reappears in its original location. Stop messing around.
3:29 p.m. Thu 25 March
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Please stop showing repeat
There is nothing currently locked out
2:24 am Thu 3 Dec
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They were in season 7 yesterday. They have no respect for their viewers. They also have a complete idiot in charge of programming.
Jim burrows
5:24 pm Thu 20 Dec
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The scale
The ladder, Caroline, I literally see it! It has to be the worst, most boring ad ever.
Jim burrows
3:06 pm Sun 16 Dec
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Paramount bought Skyview 159 two months ago. These TV Guide geniuses still haven’t noticed. Top drawer.
Drake ramore
4:10 p.m. Wed 26 Sep
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I miss friends!
I want the friends back! How can they stop such an incredible show ?!
Mrs. Shelley
3:41 p.m. Tue 9 April
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The saddest day ever
Friends was awesome! It has to come back.
01.11am Thu 14 June
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