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The main characters on Seinfeld are funny, incredibly smart and always quick to comment on something that’s going on. But while Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), George (Jason Alexander), Kramer (Michael Richards), and Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) are always a treat to watch, Jerry and George’s parents are also great characters who bring so much… humor at the Show. They have their own stories, they often create drama and mayhem for their children, and they often say some of the sitcom‘s most famous quotes.


George’s parents Estelle (Estelle Harris) and Frank (Jerry Stiller) and Jerry’s mother Helen (Liz Sheridan) and father Morty (Barney Martin) are still unique. While there are plenty of grandparents in other shows that make fans laugh, these characters are much funnier and fresher.

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Among the best Seinfeld episodes, the season 9 episode “The Strike” features Festivus, which is one of the most popular parts of the series. Only Frank Costanza could bring Festivus to the sitcom, because Winter Break is just as bitter, harsh, and cynical as he is, while being downright hilarious. When Frank talks about the “grievance airing” that’s at the heart of the holiday, fans love that the characters now have the opportunity to talk about the people who’ve been bugging them all year. Since that’s what they do most of the time, it’s great that they now have a forum to discuss major and minor irritations. It’s truly priceless to see Jerry and George talk about George’s childhood memories of that day and how hard it was for George, and this is just one example of a great story featuring Frank .

Estelle (Estelle Harris), George (Jason Alexander) and Frank (Jerry Stiller) sitting on a couch on Seinfeld

There are so many famous quotes from this episode and it’s all thanks to Frank’s character. Frank recounts how when he tried to buy a doll for George when George was young he was unsuccessful and then realized he could create his own holiday that isn’t about material things . Frank says, “A Festivus for all of us” and explains, “The tradition of Festivus begins with airing grievances. I had a lot of trouble with you and now you are going to hear about it. According to USA todayDan O’Keefe, writer for Seinfeld, wanted to feature the holidays on the show thanks to his father. Festivus takes place on December 23 and there is no Christmas tree, only an aluminum pole.

George and Jerry’s parents are all responsible for some of the funniest scenes in Seinfeld. When Morty hates waiting in a doctor’s office, it’s hard not to laugh. When George hates that his mother Estelle wants to start dating again and feels embarrassed about it, the comedic timing of the scene is perfect.

These characters are also great because a lot of mothers and fathers in sitcoms can be incredibly nerdy and all about lessons. Nor are they all as smart and astute as the characters in Seinfeld. Estelle, Frank, Morty and Helen comment on all the people and places around them, just like the main characters, and they each have their own sense of humor, whether they’re sarcastic or they don’t even want to be funny. The traditional sitcom about families might feel a little lame by today’s standards, as so many TV shows all feel the same way. These characters don’t fit that mold and that’s a good thing, allowing fans to engage with their lives, their stories, and their interactions with their children.

Shared image of Jack (Sandy Baron) and Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) and Morty (Barney Martin)

There are some Seinfeld episodes based on real life and storylines featuring Estelle, Frank, Morty and Helen are never so weird or weird that they can’t be narrated. Above all, George and Jerry’s parents show that many families love each other but struggle to get along. It’s something fans can relate to and it really humanizes the show. When Jerry and Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) go to visit Helen and Morty in Florida in the Season 3 episode “The Pen,” their discomfort every moment of the vacation, from Elaine sleeping on a sofa bed to the apartment being too hot, is funny but so realistic.

Seinfeld is honest about how the family can have issues with each other and how they can’t get along no matter how hard they try. While George is doing horrible things on Seinfeld, fans love watching him with his parents, as the scenes with George, Estelle, and Frank are just as chaotic as ever. George and Jerry are often exasperated by their parents’ behavior, but they respect them, love them, and still spend time with them. As fans watch for storylines that feel super real with the fun characters, Helen, Morty, Frank, and Estelle are often the best parts of Seinfeld.

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