Here’s who’s credited as the first reality TV family


The world of reality TV has changed dramatically over the past decade. Although shows such as Survivor, The Bachelor, and Big Brother paved the way for competitive series, there is one show in particular that made reality TV a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous!

Today, shows such as Real housewives, and Jersey Shore have become one of the biggest reality shows to date. As questions about what is right and wrong definitely arise, it has become clear that viewers cannot get enough!

Besides, keeping up with the Kardashians has also established itself as one of the most successful shows in reality TV programming, leaving many to assume that the Kar-Jenner clan set the standard for reality TV when, in fact, it was this family who made it first!


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The first reality TV family

When it comes to letting cameras into the lives of the rich and famous, one show certainly comes to mind, keeping up with the Kardashians!

Although celebrities have been appearing on reality TV for some time, never before have cameras entered the homes of some of the biggest names, giving fans a glimpse into their personal lives.

After 20 seasons, KUWTK allowed viewers to witness all the antics of Kar-Jenner’s team, making the series a standout as one of the most successful shows in reality TV history!

While shows such as The Hills, Girl’s Next Door, and Hogan knows best paved the way for genres similar to that of KUWTK, it seems that none of these successful series are responsible for the reality TV world as we know it today.

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Meet the Osbournes

In 2002, MTV had a pretty brilliant idea when it came to bringing cameras into the home of none other than the Osbourns.

Considering Ozzy Osbourne is one of the greatest rockers of all time, considered the Prince of Darkness, it was only fitting to get a glimpse of how he and his whole family get along at Huis closed.

The show ran for 4 seasons on the hit network, and although it hasn’t aired for over 3 years, it has played a monumental role in starting the trend celebrity families inviting cameras into their homes.

The show, called The Osbournes, became an instant hit, showcasing the getaways this British family had to offer. After just one season, the series was cited as the most successful series on MTV, proving that they were on to something!

Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that his time on the show doesn’t suit him very well, given that it takes him away from his dark and edgy public figure.

Fans got to witness a very different take on the lead role of Black Sabbath. Ozzy’s friend and rockstar colleague Alice Cooper admitted that the show ruined his image, claiming viewers saw Ozzy trotting around his Beverly Hills mansion, which took away his rock reputation.

While it took a shot at its image, the show actually turned out to be a major blessing in disguise. During an on-site interview on Sirius XM Jess Cagle’s show with Sharon Osbourne, the former The speech the host discussed his time on the show.

“Without you there would be no Kardashians, there would be nothing without The Osbournes! ”said Jess Cagle.

“It was really Ozzy. He was the one in the public eye, he was the celebrity and the one taking all the risks! I think it paid off for Ozzy,” Sharon added, proving that the series was in fact, a great pioneer of reality TV.

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