How I Met Your Father’s Finale Twist Fixed Another Sitcom’s Sad Ending


The Season 1 finale of How I Met Your Father reversed the fortunes of Alexis and Ted, the fan-favorite Schitt’s Creek couple whose story ended sadly.

When Ian returned to the how i met your father season 1 finale, the moment overturned the tragic ending that the cult sitcom Schitt’s Creek left Alexis and Ted with. While sitcoms constantly borrow from each other, how i met your father owes more of a debt to genre history than most shows. As a spin-off of the popular 2000s sitcom how I Met Your Mother, how i met your father borrows its entire setup (an older version of the protagonist tells the titular story to their children in the future) from the earlier hit.

Despite this, how i met your father turned out not how I Met Your Mother clone when Season 1 aired. The sitcom has its own voice and subverted many of the twists and plots of its predecessor. As such, it won’t surprise many fans to find that the big twist of how i met your fatherThe Season 1 finale also revisited – and revised – the ending of another hit sitcom, Schitt’s Creek.


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Located in the titular small town, Schitt’s Creek told the story of a once wealthy family forced to live in an isolated motel after going through hard times. As such, Schitt’s Creek doesn’t seem to have much in common with how i met your father At first glance. However, the how I Met Your Mother spin-off took a turn from Schitt’s Creek as far as the show‘s pilot. In this episode, how i met your fatherThe heroine of Sophie was saddened by the discovery that her dream date, Ian, was soon to move to Australia so he could work as a marine biologist off the coast of the distant country. The prospect of a long distance dampened Sophie’s interest in Ian, just as Ted taking a flight to the Galapagos Islands ended his relationship with Alexis in Schitt’s Creek.

Ted and Alexis booping through the computer on Schitt's Creek

However, how i met your fatherThe story of did not end there. The Season 1 finale ended with the revelation that Ian’s job as a marine biologist preserving species on the Great Barrier Reef was cut short, allowing him to return to New York and Sophie (thanks to a cameo of how I Met Your Mother‘s Captain, oddly). It was a reversal of the unfortunate fate of Ted and Alexis on Schitt’s Creek, where the fan-favorite couple also consisted of a fickle but lovable heroine and her scientific love interest. Like Sophie and Ian, this duo was eventually broken by Ted taking a research fellowship to the Galapagos Islands.

However, unlike Sophie and Ian, Ted and Alexis never got their second chance at happiness. They parted amicably when Schitt’s Creek ended with its sixth season, a surprise that appalled some longtime fans of the usually optimistic sitcom. Although it may be a coincidence that Sophie and Ian have experienced a similar emotional roller coaster in how i met your father season 1, their eventual reunion was still surprisingly similar to how some viewers wanted Ted and Alexis’ story to end. So the how i met your father The finale proved that a couple could be able to get through the circumstances that ended Ted and Alexis’ time together on Schitt’s Creekeven if this pairing could not.

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