How the “Real Housewives” Franchise Took Control of the Reality TV Industry


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When you think of reality TV in America, what do you think of first? Do you think of ‘keeping up with the Kardashians‘ or maybe ‘Jersey Shore? Reality TV has become a staple of American television, and we are constantly seeing more and more different types and series of reality TV continually shaping what we know and understand as reality TV.

When I think of reality TV, I think of all of the above, but mostly I think of the ‘Real housewives‘franchise produced by Andy cohen. Along with other people, I came across “Real Housewives” when I came across one of the series in the franchise while scrolling through Hulu one day.

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I, among many others, immediately hooked up with the TV franchise watching and realizing that the women in all of these shows are completely daring and willing to share every aspect of their lives, which can also be unsettling at times; I might add. The “Real Housewives” franchise has become a major competitor in reality show, running for a variety of reasons, but here are a few to consider.

Different cities and stars

The “real housewives” franchise has become extremely popular because the different series don’t offer a simple storyline crammed into one season, but instead fans can watch new seasons of all series featuring women from all different cities in one sitting if they wish. Right now, fans of the “Real Housewives” franchise can watch upper-class housewives in eleven different cities across the United States.

As someone who has checked out the majority of the franchise, it’s clear that every series in the franchise features women which are all different in their own way, generally reflecting the city in which the series is set. The sheer amount of series within the franchise is sometimes enough to grab the attention of viewers as there is never a time when fans have to miss anything with so much content already available at any given time.

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Luxurious lifestyles

It’s no secret that people, myself included, are interested in what the lives of richest Americans look like behind the scenes of social media messages and newspaper articles. This somehow explains why the various “Real Housewives” series have seen such a huge following over the years, with more and more seasons. published and more cities are joining the franchise.

The ladies of the “Real Housewives” franchise share almost everything about their life, but mostly they share all the details of the luxuries they follow, like their grand homes, cars, shopping sprees, posh vacations and much more. . The ‘Real Housewives’ franchise is different from the rest reality TV series because the women who join the actors of the different series really don’t hesitate to share what it takes to have their lifestyle and results.

“Real housewives” share everything

With any reality TV series, the viewers expect to see every detail of celeb lives, and that’s almost always true of the women in the “Real Housewives” franchise. Sure, there are definitely some things we don’t see, but for the most part, viewers see every detail, good or bad, including divorced, custody battles, bankruptcies, drug addiction and more – they don’t hold back.

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Reality TV is often criticized for the facade it can present, often giving off unrealistic expectations and ideas about the lives of viewers who watch it. I think the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise doesn’t always give off those unrealistic expectations, however, and may in fact provide comfort to viewers who are watching and can relate to some of the struggles that many housewives often pass through in the spotlight.

Bring the drama

As I mentioned before, the stars of “Real Housewives” really put it all for the camera, and that includes all the drama that occasionally occurs within the wives and husbands group; in every series, after all, it’s reality TV. At some point during each of the sets, glasses are thrown, drinks are thrown at people, matches are screaming and guess what? For the most part, all of this drama is actually real.

The ‘Real Housewives’ franchise is unscripted, although the producers at times, could spark drama in their own way. What viewers see is often exactly what’s going on right now, so when you see one of the housewives yelling at another housewife’s face at a fancy restaurant or party, it’s certainly real. These passers-by are probably thinking what we think as we watch it on the TV screen: what the hell is going on.

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Takeover of “real housewives”

Over time the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise continues to grow and flourish, with more and more cities joining the lineup each year and did I mention the franchise is gone? international also? I have no doubt that the series will grow as much as it wants and that viewers will continue to watch it for years to come.

The ‘Real Housewives’ franchise has truly taken over what America calls reality TV due to the unscripted drama, luxurious lifestyles and more, keeping viewers hooked on the filter. Andy Cohen really understood what reality TV means to America, and I can’t wait to see which city follows the franchise.

If you are someone who finds reality TV a bit silly or over the top, I encourage you to check out “Real Housewives” because there is never really dullness. moment or boring scene when watching one of the series in the franchise. Until other cities join the lineup, I will continue to watch all of my favorite series in the franchise and hopefully some of my favorite series original housewives will reappear one day.

By Chelsea Noir

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