Hulu renews deadly Russian royal sitcom for season 3



Great, the critically acclaimed sitcom (including by us) about Catherine the Great’s rise to power and Russia’s transformation into a superpower for the first time in history, has been renewed for a third season by Hulu . The announcement was made during the Disney’s Television Critics Association winter press tour. Season 3 will have 10 more episodes of grotesque and murderous mayhem.

The Great – “La Barbe” (Photo by: Ollie Upton / Hulu)

As we said, Great could you get if Game of thrones was a sitcom. Creator Tony mcnamara takes an almost true-to-life approach to history to create what would otherwise be a grim tale of power and betrayal in a spinning chair farce in Russia’s pre-Enlightenment royal court. Catherine (Elle fanning), as the new Empress in town, must sail with her narcissistic sociopathic husband Peter (Nicolas hoult), his ass-kissing court of nobles and the Orthodox Church to gain power and improve the lot of all Russians. In turn, they continue to plot to stab her in the back. It’s like in high school, only bad girls and sportsmen plot to murder the new girl. McNamara said Hollywood journalist that he hasn’t decided how many seasons Great would run.

“I know a whole bunch of interesting events that you can hang things on,” he said. “Right now I’m trying not to look too far. At the end of season two, I wasn’t quite sure what season three was. I like not knowing what’s coming next. a show with a great ensemble and a great bunch of characters you can make up as you go for a while. “

McNamara has actual historical events and the timeline of Catherine the Great’s ascension to the throne as a guideline after all. The series’ central dynamic hinges on the chemistry of Fanning and Hoult’s romantic comedy as Catherine hesitates between wanting Peter dead and having feelings for him, and Peter de Hoult suddenly falling in love with her and wanting to be a good one. father for their son. However, he’s still every girl’s worst boyfriend. Peter’s days are numbered as Catherine will end up having him (allegedly) murdered to consolidate her power. But until then, it’s fun to see them dancing around each other in a casually homicidal comedy.

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