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As “the one person in my entire lineage who wanted to be in the entertainment business,” Reylynn Caster, who plays suddenly 16-year-old Faith in YOUNG AND RESTLESS, started early growing up in Kansas. “I played a local play at the Scottish Rite [Signature] Theater in Wichita when I was about 7, and as soon as I got involved I knew playing the part was something that should be a part of my life, ”says the 18-year-old actress. “I felt I had no choice but to keep doing more theater, a bunch of commercials and a few local independent films.”

At the age of 10, Caster signed with a Los Angeles-based talent representation for television and film shoot. “I was constantly sending out auto-cassettes from Kansas and getting positive feedback, but I never booked a role because I lived in Wichita and a lot of productions in LA wanted to hire locally. After three years of refusal, Caster’s parents made the big decision to boost their daughter’s aspirations. “They decided to move to California so I could jump right into show business instead of just putting a toe.” Caster adapted to LA both personally (“I was 13, and at that age you’re figuring out who you are; it was a big step for me, but it went really well. passed and I quickly made friends’) and professionally, soon landing a regular serial role on the CBS sitcom ME MYSELF & I, which starred comedy veterans John Larroquette (NIGHT COURT), Bobby Moynihan (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE) and Jaleel White (FAMILY MATTERS). “Being on this show was such a great learning experience for me and I made lifelong friendships,” the actress enthuses.

Although this show was quickly deleted, more comedy concerts followed, much to Caster’s surprise. She explains, “I didn’t expect to do comedy when I moved to Los Angeles, so I wasn’t very comfortable with it at first. It was the type of auditions I had to spend a little more time on and I wasn’t sure if I was even good at it. Obviously she was and expanded her credits to include a recurring role on AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE and a regular role in Netflix’s THE BIG SHOW SHOW, her first multicamera series shot in front of a live audience. “It was really fun,” she says. “It was so much like doing theater because you could feel the energy of the audience and get instant gratification if a joke landed.”

When the pandemic hit in 2020, that show was canceled. “There were so many factors that came into play,” Caster presumes. “The most important thing was that it came out right before the Covid hit and suddenly our show couldn’t have a live audience and there was a huge team and it would have been very difficult to produce with the restrictions of Covid. Netflix didn’t know what was going on with many of their shows, so many were canceled, including ours. “

The unfortunate fate of this series ultimately led her to Genoa City. “I hadn’t worked for a while because of the pandemic and I really wanted to get back to the drama because I had done comedy for so many years,” she notes. So when the opportunity to try Y&R presented itself, she jumped at the chance. “Although soaps are something I’ve never done before, I still want to try everything I can. My mom loves soaps and I used to sit at home when they came to watch them with her. She loved YOUNG AND RESTLESS and DAYS OF OUR LIVES, and she was really excited when I auditioned for Y&R, but we had no idea which character.

This is because the sides Caster received were under a false name. “I found out later that the scenes they sent me were the ones that Aly [Alyn Lind, ex-Faith] had done, and already broadcast, ”she recalls. “I remember thinking it was a lot of lines and now, looking back, it was nothing! I made a sticker in my bedroom against one of my white walls with my iPhone, a tripod and a ring light. After sending this they wanted to do a screen test, which we did on Zoom. It ended up being a chemistry read with Joshua [Morrow, Nick] and Jacob [Aaron Gaines, Moses]. “An hour later, ‘They called my agent and my manager with an offer,” she beams. “It was the fastest turnaround for a role I’ve ever got. There was a lot of. excitement! “

With Faith taking center stage when Lind left, Caster’s initiation was difficult. “It was a bit overwhelming the first few days,” she admits. “I was a little intimidated looking at those scripts and seeing how many lines I had and knowing that I only had one day to learn the material and then get up the next day to start all over!” Not to mention that it came as a replacement for a beloved predecessor. “There was a bit of pressure because I didn’t want to let anyone down. I’m human, so I want people to like me.

Still, she’s grateful that she started with a bang. “I’m glad I was immersed in a really big story because I’m the type of person who likes to start with something hectic and difficult, so it can only get easier from there.” And from the start, her co-stars made her feel at home. “My first scene was with Mel [Thomas Scott, Nikki] and it was great working with her. Everyone has been very kind and supportive throughout. It didn’t take long for me to get a good impression of coming here.

This emotion has only intensified in recent months. “To be here is absolutely amazing,” says Caster. “It has been such a great learning experience and I am so excited for the future. I love Faith Newman and the woman she is becoming. I am so excited and grateful to be able to represent her. I think everyone who works on Y&R is amazing and I’m having a great time.

To hear Reylynn Caster say it, she hit the jackpot when it comes to actors in her Y&R milieu. Here it weighs on a few of them.

Eric Braeden (Victor): “He’s great. The scenes we had together were a lot of fun. As everyone knows, he’s extremely talented. He’s really great to work with him.

Jacob Aaron Gaines (Moses): “Jacob is awesome. He is so much fun and very talented. He didn’t do much before he came to Y&R but you wouldn’t know. The scenes with him are my favorite. Moses is very important to Faith because he entered her life when she was at its lowest. She had no friends and he was there for her.

Mark Grossman (Adam): “I didn’t know he had only been on the show for a few years because he was so natural I assumed he had been there for so long. He is great. He is really professional but also a lot of fun. He is extremely talented. My very first scene with him was really intense because we didn’t know each other but our characters are family so it was really great working together to create chemistry even though Mark and I don’t have a story.

Joshua Morrow (Nick): “It is amazing and so much fun to work with him. He really enjoys having a good time.

Did you know?

✿ Caster had to give up his natural brunette hair color for his new job. “I had my hair bleached and the next day I started on Y&R.”

✿ The actress graduated from high school last May and plans to continue her education. “I want to work in the industry no matter what, but playing is really unpredictable, so I want to have a back-up plan. I’ll be taking college classes this fall, but being on a soap opera is pretty demanding, so I’m probably only going to take a few classes and take it slow.

Just the facts:

Birthday: 3rd of March

Place of birth: Wichita, KS

What’s in a name? “I am actually asked [about its origin] a lot. My parents said they wanted me to have a really unique name and they heard a similar sounding name so they found Reylynn on their own.

Team A: She has an older brother, Anthony, and an older sister, Amanda.

Relationship Status: Recently celebrated her first birthday with boyfriend Armani Jackson. “He’s on the TBS CHAD show. We are both players so we understand the industry. We met through mutual friends and I’ve known him for four or five years. It was always platonic, until it wasn’t!

TV rate: “I’m obsessed with MONEY HEIST, and I also love the COOLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA, both of which are on Netflix.”

The rhythm continues: “I am self-taught on guitar and piano. I write music and sing and hope to record some songs someday.

As for his own musical tastes, “I am obsessed with Phoebe Bridgers and love Lana Del Rey.” Kick Backs: “I love painting, hiking and shopping at thrift stores. Everything I consider peaceful is my pleasure.

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