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NOTToo long ago, sport was the most important thing in the young life of Jacob Aaron Gaines. “I went to a small private high school where I met my best friend Gordon,” the actor shares. “We played sports together, so I played baseball and basketball until my junior year. That’s when Gordon decided to give up the sport, which kind of took the fun out of me and made me think, ‘What now? “”

Becoming an actor was a thought in the back of his mind, but Gaines assumed it was an unattainable goal. “When I was about 10 years old, I loved watching Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, and I really wanted to be on one of those shows, but to be honest I didn’t know how to be an actor; I thought you had to be born into it, ”Gaines laughs. “I had no idea what the next step would be, so I never said or did anything about it.”

With athletics on the sidelines, Gaines began to subtly learn about the profession of his dreams. “One day, my mother’s hairdresser said to me: ‘There is this school that I could put you in touch with and you can see if you like it,” he recalls. “It was a little conservatory in Santa Monica and I had to ask my mom three times if I was going to go before she realized I was serious. At first my dad would say ‘What?’ Not that he thought it would be a waste of time, but it was expensive, so he told me if that was what I wanted to do then I should put all my effort into it.

Gaines agreed and signed up, which meant every Saturday was devoted to acting classes. “I was having a blast,” he enthuses. “I was learning to improvise, make people laugh, manage my emotions and make new friends. When we had to create our own little skit, I imagined an ad about a kid who didn’t have Wi-Fi and lacked data. It was me who was screaming and panicking because I couldn’t access Snapchat.

Then came his first stroke of luck. “I was 16, almost 17 when I signed with an agent,” he notes. “Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have signed and decided to focus on the sport again. I had yet to meet my agent in person and a month later they called. When I said I was getting back to sports, they advised me to really think about focusing on sports or theater. It was like trying to decide if I should turn left or right and I finally decided to play the part, and I’m really glad I did.

Soon, Gaines began to book national advertisements. “I had bleached blond hair and I did AT&T, Finish Line and Mazda and three other big companies,” he relays. “After a few more years of acting lessons, I started dating for TV shows and movies.”

Gaines first appeared in the DIMENSIONAL SHIFT television series before landing in the feature film fatal affair, which starred Nia Long (ex-Giuliana, EMPIRE; ex-Kat, GUIDING LIGHT) and Omar Epps. Despite a promising start, he was considering university. “I had the idea of ​​being a physiotherapist, then I ended up changing my specialty in business,” he explains. “But then I decided to take a year-long hiatus when Y&R came along because I wanted to see where it took me.”

After booking the role of the late Neil’s 16-year-old son, Gaines admits, “I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. The only person in my family who watched a soap opera was my great-grandmother. Still, it seemed like a great opportunity, so I was really excited.

In addition to being naturally nervous on his first day of work. “It was a little annoying, but everyone was really nice and really nice,” he reports. “I hadn’t realized how bright the lights were on set. It was hot so I was sweating and I couldn’t see. I thought the sound people were the directors and I didn’t know where to look. I was a little frantic. When my best friend watched me on TV he said, “Oh, you sounded nervous, but it worked out really well with the scene.” I didn’t tell him I was scared to death.

Gaines already feels he has mastered his character. “Moses tries to find his way like everyone else,” he assesses. “Because of his father’s death, he had in mind that he wanted to be a doctor, but after living with Devon and moving away from his mother, Moses saw a different way of life and he wants to follow in the footsteps of his brother. I think I’m a smart person, but I think Moses is way smarter than me. He’s ready, while I’m pissed off, and he’s more focused and organized than me. It’s fun to play him and I’m really excited to see where his story goes.

Here’s what Gaines thinks of his co-stars.

Bryton James (Devon): “He was the best. As soon as I got there he didn’t try to be my mentor, he just wanted to be my friend. He showed me where everything was and where to find food and who to talk to for what I needed. He also helped me with my lines and helped me get better. I am truly grateful to him.

Reylynn Caster (Faith, above): “I first worked with Aly [Alyn Lind, ex-Faith] and I enjoyed getting to know her. Then Reylynn came along and I just love her. She is really sweet. In fact, we have a few friends in common. She’s been in the business for a while and I enjoy talking to her about the business.

Christel Khalil (Lily): “She’s really sweet but I didn’t get to do a lot of scenes with her so I hope I can do more soon. I see her in the halls all the time and she says hello and always smiles. I think she is. ‘she, Bryton and I have a great sibling vibe.

Sean Dominic (Nate): “I love him. This guy always makes me laugh.

Brytni Sarpy (Elena): “Another darling. She is always ready for anything.

Joshua Morrow (Nick): “He’s very cool. He went to Thousand Oaks High School so we had something to say on day one. But I have to stay out of his dressing room and Bryton’s because they have video games. I had a problem with it and had to give it up. I spent way too much money on Fortnite. “

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki): “Oh, she’s funny. It’s cold on set and she always has a blanket. When we were in rehearsal she saw me shiver and gave me her blanket to use. She is so wise and gives such great advice. Reylynn and I absorb everything she says and I hope we can make her proud. She is very meticulous in her work and she is a very intelligent woman, so you choose the little things you want to do for yourself. She knows when the camera is on her and how to use those angles, which I had no idea about, so she really helped me out.

Just the facts

Birthday: 29 november

Place of birth: Born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California.

Singular sensation: He is an only child. “I would tell my mom that she should have another child, but that never happened. I am very close to my parents and we would go on vacation every year, visit national parks and also go on cruises.

Happy Creator: “I like to make people laugh. It makes me happy. I just want everyone to have a good day no matter what they’re going to do. I have a lot of mundane jokes, but I desperately need to get some new material.

Cult of Heroes: “I love superhero movies – mostly Marvel – but I’m going to try my hand at DC and watch Superman and Batman.”

TV guide: “I love SQUID GAME, OUTER BANKS and BIG LITTLE LIES. I shouldn’t admit it, but I also watch GOSSIP GIRL, and BREAKING BAD is my all-time favorite.

Pet project: “I have a German Shepherd / Husky puppy and he’s black and gold. He’s just turned a year old and he’s a bit of a runt. He was my little brother at home. His name is Sir Winston. My mom actually added Sir because she wanted him to look more royal.

Triggered : “I’m learning to play the piano, so right now I’m into sad music. Next year I want to take the guitar.


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