Jerry O’Connell landed a big gig on a Game Show ahead of “The Talk” casting


Jerry O’Connell would prepare to take a seat at The SpeakSharon Osbourne’s discussion table, but the Support me the actor adds more than this title to his list of credits. Less than a month before reports surfaced, O’Connell, who recently starred in Star Trek: Lower Bridges, is set to close a deal to replace Osbourne, the actor landed another major gig.

On Monday night, O’Connell stepped into his new role as the game show host Pictorial. O’Connell was first confirmed to take on the new role in late June, with the show currently airing in half-hour installments on weekdays as a test method. Based on the famous Mattel game of the same name, Pictorial sees two teams of three – two players and a famous captain – participate in a fierce game of Pictionary, with a team member drawing pictures to describe the word or phrase printed on a randomly chosen card. His teammate must then guess what the picture is supposed to represent.

“Ever since my failed drawing of a koala bear lost my mother and I our domestic Pictionary crown, I wanted to prove myself on the Pictorial stage, ”O’Connell said when confirmed to be hosting the show, TV initiate reported at the time. “I’m so happy to work with this team from Fox and CBS. Sharpen your pencils, it’s going to be a fun summer.”

Frank Cicha, Executive Vice President of Programming at Fox Television Stations, said, “We’re sure many families have improved a lot at Pictionary over the past 15 months, so we think now is the perfect time for a release. fun and innovative television, and to have Jerry O’Connell as the host is a real plus. “The show officially debuted Monday night and received rave reviews from viewers, although it was not clear whether it will survive beyond the initial four-week trial period.

News of the game show came just three weeks before sources said The Envelope the actor is in talks to replace Osbourne on The speech. Fans of the talk show will recall Osbourne left the show following a heated on-air argument with co-host Sheryl Underwood over Osbourne’s support for Piers Morgan in the midst of his departure from Hello Great Britain after making controversial comments regarding Meghan Markle. In the months following its release, The Talk sought out Osbourne’s replacement, and it is said they landed on O’Connell, who is said to be close to making a deal to fill the vacant position on the talk. -show, although its addition has not been confirmed.


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