Legendary Hall of Fame Sports Presenter Chris Berman and Beloved Reality TV Patriarch Todd Chrisley Join Nutrisystem as Brand Ambassadors


PHILADELPHIA CREAM, January 3, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Nutrisystem®, a leading provider of health, wellness and weight management solutions, today announced that legendary Hall of Fame sports host ESPN’s Chris berman and “Chrisley knows better“patriarch, Todd chrisley have joined the company’s impressive list of Brand Ambassadors. Berman reveals he lost 46 pounds on Nutrisystem for men. Chrisley has teamed up with his wife and current Ambassador, Julie, for the Nutrisystem partner plan. To date, Todd has lost 13 pounds and Julie has lost 27 pounds. *

Berman and the Chrisleys to appear in 360-degree marketing campaign, including TV, digital and social media, alongside longtime ambassadors Marie osmond and Dan Marin, who lost 50 pounds and 26 pounds, respectively, on Nutrisystem. *

“We welcome Chris and Todd to the Nutrisystem family and congratulate them on their success in the program,” said Stephen mikulak, president of Nutrisystem. “Our Celebrity Ambassadors have many talents, but most of all, they are easy to understand and engaging. Each having lost weight through the program, they are able to speak authentically to our clients and encourage them to embark on their own journey. “

“I was limiting myself by being overweight and it took an impact on my energy,” Berman said. “I turned 65 last May and wanted to lose weight for my birthday. I was like, ‘I want to lose 35 for 65’ and not only did I achieve that goal, but even more. Nutrisystem has made this possible. “

Speaking about what he loves about Nutrisystem, Berman says he can’t get enough of the delicious menu options and is happy the program is taking the guesswork out of eating healthier.

“Nutrisystem does the work for you. It’s easy to prepare and enjoy, ”adds Berman. “You lose weight and don’t feel like you’re sacrificing what you eat. I was surprised at how satisfied and full I was with the program. love, like pasta, pizza, and burgers, but in a healthier way. ”

As for the Chrisleys, “better together” is a common phrase between the couple, who have five children and recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. The well-known reality duo have partnered with many things in life and are now joining forces to tackle their health and wellness goals.

“COVID changed the world, and it changed me too. I was the same weight I had since high school, but suddenly I put on 13 pounds,” says Chrisley. “I felt like my whole metabolism had changed. Fortunately, Julie had participated in the Nutrisystem program and I could see firsthand that it was working. It was great because I was able to join her as part of the Nutrisystem Partner Plan. ”

Todd also admits enjoying the food from the Nutrisystem program, especially the new, premium pan-fried dishes and restaurant favorites.

“The results were great, but the taste of the food was what helped me,” adds Chrisley. “It tastes amazing and it was something I wanted to eat.”

In addition to the above, the following celebrities are also Brand Ambassadors and have seen success in the Nutrisystem program:

  • Dorinda Medley, star of Bravo’s hit show, “The Real Housewives of New York“and author of the thesis Make it nice, lost 17 lbs.
  • Gizelle bryant announced in 2021 that she had lost 15 pounds on Nutrisystem. The reality TV personality is known for her role in Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of the Potomac” and is currently the co-host of Bravo’s new late-night talk show, “Chat Room.”
  • The stars of the franchise “The Bachelor”, Sean and Catherine Lowe have achieved their weight loss goals with the Nutrisystem Partner Plan. Sean lost 15 pounds and Catherine lost 25 pounds. *

To complete its list of ambassadors, Nutrisystem has also partnered with more than 100 micro-influencers who have decided to be healthier this new year.

For more information visit www.nutrisystem.com.

* On Nutrisystem, expect to lose an average of 1 to 2 pounds per week.

About Nutrisystem®
Nutrisystem® is a leading provider of health, wellness and weight loss solutions having helped millions of people lose weight for 50 years. Nutrisystem offers a high protein, low glycemic index weight loss approach designed to help maintain stable blood sugar levels and control hunger. The Nutrisystem menu features a combination of ready-to-go and frozen meals, including new premium options with up to 30 grams of protein and perfectly dosed restaurant favorites. For more information, visit newsroom.nutrisystem.com.

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