Legendary Japanese Game Show ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ Has Rebooted on Amazon Prime


The original physical challenge show is back after 34 years.

Amazon reboots Japanese game show ‘Takeshi’s Castle’

Tokyo Broadcast System

When it debuted in 1986, the Japanese unscripted adventure show “Takeshi’s Castle” was unlike anything anyone else had ever seen. Hosted by Japanese comedian Takeshi Kitano, contestants and visitors to his “castle” were asked to perform extravagant physical stunts like jumping on bouncing balls perched above a mud pit, climbing rope ladders and finally fight the host himself in a water or laser gun. struggle.

The show was hugely influential, inspiring an entire genre of game shows like “Most extreme elimination challengee” (an Americanized version of the show that reused footage from the original broadcast with newly recorded English commentary) and “fear factor“, and in 2023 it’s going to be rebooted on Amazon Prime – with Takeshi Kitano (now 75) return as host.

The reboot is part of a whole slew of Japanese originals coming to Amazon’s streaming service, which also includes “Modern Love Tokyo,” the young adult horror-comedy series “My Lovely Yokai Girlfriend,” and the drama “Angel Flight”, a film about people working to bring deceased travelers back to their homelands.

“Return to Takeshi Castle” will premiere in 2023 for Main members in more than 240 markets.


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