Lyndie Greenwood Among Leads of CTV Sitcom ‘Shelved’ – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: CTV’s Canadian sitcom shelved has found its way.

Lyndie Greenwood (The extent, sleepy hollow) will be joined by Paul Braunstein (Sketch of Baroness Van), Dakota Ray Hébert (running woman running) and Chris Sandiford (What we do in the shadows) in Anthony Q. Farrell’s single-camera comedy about the employees and customers of the Jameson Public Library in Parkdale.

See above for the first shots of them in role.

Taylor Love (most dangerous game), Varun Saranga (Wyonna Earp) and Robin Duke (Schitt’s Creek) complete the ensemble cast.

Greenwood Stars as Wendy, manager of the library’s Jameson branch and an energetic dreamer who always sees the best in people and cares passionately about her library and the Parkdale community. Its staff includes the picky and critical Howard (Sandiford), who reluctantly joins after a transfer from a prestigious Midtown branch;social rights activist Jaq (Hébert), who is obsessed with dystopia young adult novels and denunciation of microaggressions; and assistant branch manager Bryce (Braunstein), a curator devoted to conspiracy theories and following the letter of the Library Act.

The show was unveiled as part of broadcaster CTV’s 2022-23 schedule earlier this month, with creator Farrell also announced as the CBC sitcom’s new showrunner. Run the Burbs a little after.

shelved comes from Counterfeit Pictures, the Canadian producer behind Battle Canada Roast and sitcoms like Lures and Sunny side.

Farrell is the showrunner. It produces executive Dan Bennett, Shane Corkery and Anton Leo from Counterfeit. Jay Vaidya is co-executive producer, Sadiya Durrani co-producer and Colin Brunton is producer. Aleysa Young (The children in the room, Run the Burbs) is also an executive producer and pilot director. Additional directors for the first season include Cory Bowles, Joyce Wong, Cazhhmere, and Samantha MacAdam.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Anthony Q. Farrell and the team at Counterfeit Pictures to bring this hilarious new series to CTV,” said Justin Stockman, vice president, content development and programming at parent company Bell Media. from CTV. “Stacked with a stellar cast and an established writers room, shelved is set to be Canada’s next big comedy series.

“Talk to any librarian and they’ll tell you that the stories that come through their door are often interesting. When this library is in Parkdale, one of the most eclectic parts of one of the most diverse cities in the world, it becomes endlessly interesting,” said Farrell.

Greenwood is replaced by Management 360, Sandiford is replaced by A3 Artists Agency and Play Management, Hebert is replaced by Oscars, Abrams, Zimel & Associates and Braunstein by The Characters.

Bell Media Distribution will sell shelved internationally. The series is produced by Counterfeit Pictures in association with CTV, with the participation of the Canada Media Fund and the Bell Fund.


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